Thursday, December 20, 2012

When life becomes a reflector - thursday poem no.2

'When life becomes a reflector

When life becomes a reflector
and your inside core 
its own energy producing reactor,
you just have to throw out your bliss
because this alive energy just is.
You see all in a different angle
and it is like a magic bangle
you can turn from a distance
to change your view and shift ends. 
You see life not as a threat anymore
because there is your core
inside whispering to you
what is for yourself true. 
And it is up to yourself
being a caring elf
to keep your inside bright
and use your heart, soul and body as a guide.
You learn that life is like a river
and sometimes the water splashes makes you shiver
but you also know
that it will show
its warmth
and its charms
make you afloat
like in a boat
going with the waves and tides
not afraid what hides
behind the next one coming
feeling this inside longing 
to be alive and rediscover living
how it feels receiving and giving
and what life offers to you
to live your possible potential truth.
With all that is in the way
 to  integrate with a sway
into your being 
and for next times to be seeing
which side of the coin you need to choose
no matter what you will loose
because at some point in living
it is time to let go
that helped you grow
and to give back a thank you for all the giving
grateful sharing
 because you are caring 
in a compassionate way
to color the grey
and ask the moments to stay
in the now and here
to just throw up into the air cheer
and not fear.
And for the good to be seen
even some are, of the tragedy keen. 
Keep following your inside joy 
like a little boy
mending his broken wings 
until the wind brings
those uplifting vibes
that bribes
him into living again
leaving the pain
behind and enjoying the kind
life is offering 
above and around him hovering. 
Carrying through his years
and bringing a lot of cheers. 
Grateful accepting
and respecting. 
With grace and beauty
not as a duty. 
Being who he is deep inside
not willing to hide
it anymore 
living out of his core.'

- by Anke Martin 2012

PPS: You can exchange 'boy' for yourself when you are a 'girl', joy and boy just rimed ;)

In honor to the light, makes me bribe to release all kind of smiles
to reach all of you dear blog readers, far away many miles. 
That it touches your soul and heart
for something new growing to start.
Out of love and grace
in a steady growing pace.

Broad smile from me to you!

Inside state: Calm assertive, upright in grace.
LOL :)))))

And now, housework...see you around :))))

While vaccum cleaning, a thought appeared, I have to circle back, to the soul page. 

I did this quiz again, yep, still Priest soul!
LOL...honestly I did not like this at first, sometime a couple month ago 
and I am aware now why.
This pilgrimage taught me a lot. 
It is a need to be inspired and inspire by my sharing. 
BUT I LEARNED that ZEALOT is not for me.
I am aware of it, I have the tendency to it, YEP. 
Guilty as pleaded 
but I am CHOOSING my personal freedom. 
I do not need to fix anything!
Or anybody!
I give all around me, their own responsibility back.
I do not want anymore to FIX.
Everybody is enough and whole.
Plus I enjoy my freedom and I can give this freedom and allow it to others too.
Why would I cut someones freedom if I would not liked to BE CAGED either by other views. 
Like I mentioned before, 
I share so you can get whatever you need for your individual inspiration, nothing more. 
It is up to you, 
what you find true to your core or not. 
I just can sense the possibile potential of your being
and when you do not want to hear this it is okay.
And if I share such things with you, it is out of joy and delight of seeing such beauty!
Not to 'control' or 'influence' you.
It is just my sensing, nature provided me with.
And if you do not want to hear some beautiful sharing, 
fine with me.
Life mabye will show you, 
when the time is ready for you or never.
Your personal decision and not mine!

So, finally accepting this 'priest' soul being.
LOL.......just in my aware and compassionate way.

Keeping an eye on myself first and out of 'fullfilled' SHARE whatever is more than enough.


Quite funny....this HSP book says it in some way too.

-> PUH so glad I did let go of my EGO!

Today is playful-nes with you have labels you can get inspiration out of it. 
No, not to label yourself, just to see what fits and what not and take all out of it for your OWN inside UNDERSTANDING.
Because still, even you should not label someone, labels are somehow needed to give yourself understanding of matters and  talk about it, sharing others views, expierences for inspiration

Because understanding yourself is feeling like home.

And since we are a communicative type of being,
to gain a common sense of understanding of the same topic
labels are necessary.

To today is seeing both sides of the label - one which can help you grow by finding understanding and 'getting-why' or being labelled and judged by it and not having the chance to get rid of it.
Unless you REBEL good, LOL ;)))

Greetings from the rebel inside alias piratess , smirk, EY!

Like everything in life, it has its good and bad, its possitive and negative.
And no it is not about denying the bad or negative, 
it is to be honest to yourself and gain the observing position, 
view your matters from a distance and see what you really live 
and if it is true for yourself or if it something you do not really want to live but circumstances caused it or pushed you.
And you know what, maybe it is time to see both sides of a matter and choose aware, even it makes you scared as hell, to push yourself into the new, the other side of coin. 
From my expierence I can tell you, life will help you grow. 

The permission you give yourself in love and with love is just important.
Because out of love you can 'climb-ladders' you never thought you could,
even you are scared of heights, into your own potential.
Your soul and heart will help you.
And I wish you all here reading, to find a start, 
sometimes a tiny start is already the biggest step.
In case you want to ;)

I encourage you, not to overrule your life, not to fanatical TELL you something. 
NO, out of my LOVE and compassion for this light, for this being,
for being who you are, deep inside, 
to find your own unique path. 
Travelling inside. 

And if you are not interested at all,  it is okay as well. 

Anyway enjoy being here!
I do the same, during my days. 
My sacred space.
Creating with mindfulness and awareness, bare naked honest and vulnerable. 
But my personal truth and the expierences out of it.

PS from around lunch: Officially 3 wild cute monkey home now...sigh......dear life be gentle with my nerves, and give me those necessary GAPS to recharge.....LOL.....;)

How is your day? Smile account? Heart beating in joy? Soul flying? Piratess/pirate on adventure?

Need a cheer up? CATCH FOR YOU! SOME LIGHT!

PPS: And I just realized, I am not in a hurry for meeting is in the lead from the beginning and messing with lifes lead gets you in trouble, LOL.....and a question for you, dear blog readers. Did you have some matter before you felt deep inside, it is leaded by something other then you? By what? I do not know and it does not matter, I tried to get behind this 'lead' and it did not reveal its secret, LOL.....learning the hard way and finding all kinds of 'understanding-of-myself', which was worth alone this 'circling-deeper-and-deeper'. LOL....I will see. And if not, it does not matter, well it would be nice, but I am not depending on it. Not anymore. And that feels very good. Freeing. And this longing? For this 'being' space is still there....well YES! It is still there, and like I wrote before, maybe someday life is providing me this chance again.
And still I will never forget that all this was only possible to a wide soul...inspiring me :)))))

PS from the afternoon: I was just folding laundry, next to my Collage from beginning this year and I felt this urge to create soon a new one for 2013. Tomorrow last class for this year. Collage class for kids, looking forward and then, the STUDIO is MINE, no clean up till next year, that means I can GET MESSY, LOL.....and create my 'creating-choas', LOL......

PPS: Feels like something is growing inside again, what? A good not know yet....I will know when it has a name, lol...or label, LOL :)))) Goofy me....EY!

CATCH a smile for YOU! Do not let, 'eating-you-up-idle-time-get-you', LOL...Funny sentence...Anke sense, LOL....ah goofy today. Oh well...laughing is healthy, they even had a report about that in the newspaper! SO LAUGH WITH ME, NOW! COME ON....A SMIRK IN YOUR FACE WILL DO TOO, are you smiling, laughing out loud or smirking behind the screen? ARE YOU? NO?! WHY NOT? Come on laugh with me! YES, I know you can do it! It feels so good...let go and laugh....just because :)))))   
-> looks like a funny movie ;) 

LOL...looks like my alternative for live music program this year......a date with myself ;) OH this makes my soul excited, lol :))))) So goofy today, anyway! I wish you a wonderful afternoon. Busy here, see you later.....for photo release. 
SMILES to YOU! :) 

PPS from in between: pretty..... -  Glory in the highest 

PS from the afternoon: Plan change...reached the Studio to get it ready for tomorrow. Kind of comfi in here, LOL :))) 

PPS: In between wrapping the kids present....makes me smile. 

PPS from almost ready: SIGH...unpacking all the materials....I realized how long it is ago, since I CREATED WITH MY HANDS, like PAINTS and paper scraps in there......oh life....seems like there is never enough time! At least I can create otherways as well....LOL.....I am a creator, aren't I? YEP. And I feel I need this to stay healthy......;) And GUESS WHAT, this HSP book named said it, you can not do all. YEP, at some point you need to drop ideas.....and choose one or two! LOL....smiles to you.....grateful to have a spot here to create....endless :)))) 

PS from the evening: Today we were asked on the pilgrimaging,  to ask a question to your future self, quite interesting what I got for an answer, LOL. My question, well more a question for the wind, for life to answer:

'So, what I ask life: Dear life are you carrying me?'  

And the answer from my future self:

'YES LIFE WILL CARRY YOU. It caught you while falling. So, YES - LIFE is carrying you! And now SMILE one of those 'sparkling-adventurous-glittering' smiles that is showing an alive fire in your eyes. GO FOR IT! ENJOY! LIVE FULLY, LOVE WELL, LET GO DEEPLY!'


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