Saturday, December 01, 2012

Upright in grace - saturday poem

'Upright in grace

Upright in grace
is an energy that sways
yourself to be centered
for things and matters to be entered
but being and viewing from an inner distant space.

Upright in grace
is not the chase
for desire
it is a fullfilled state of mind of needs giving by yourself
that makes all desire expire.
Not seeing the value anymore in chasing for air
if you can fill your inside with meaning and care. 

Upright in grace 
beautiful being
that is like a delicate lace
surounding your soul and heart
to grow even further in being
and allow all part
in you, that is there
and out of this self-acceptance
you share. 
And this pure sharing from being
others are seeing.
And those who know
what this 'magic-attention-catching' vibe around you is
can share with you this inner bliss. 
Smiling together and somehow melting
expanding this being space in one, smelting. 
Enjoying this precious state of mind
being kind
giving respected space and understanding
deep inside comprehending
and when life decides it is time 
to part, 
those two beings are ready to start
with body, soul and heart
solving this melted connection
not being sad and sentimental
but knowing this melting is so essential 
for being 
and whenever life is seeing
to give this chance again
for singing in the rain
melting, being, recharge
doing good to your body, soul and heart. 

Upright in grace 
is a freedom giving space.
Accepting and creating with what you got
and not being stopped
with seemingly overwhelming challenges on the way
knowing this upright in grace being will sway
you along working with all matter
ready for this inside strength to gather
walking stronger than ever
and knowing you are not giving up being
ever never.

Upright in grace 
is like a delicate lace 
around your being
giving you all the space 
to be in grace. '

-by Anke Martin 2012

PS from the early afternoon: No ikea, just feel like going with the flow and be home. So, I wish you a wonderful DAY being OUT AND ABOUT.....smiles :))))) 

PPS: Comfi the meditating corner, with the HSP book and good music....very comfi and cozy. 

How is your day so far? I sure wish you a wonder-ful one! Take your soul on a wonder flight, let your heart beat in pure joy and take your piratess/pirate on adventure, whatever it is, inside or outside, ENJOY. BEING YOU. Sparkling smiling full of strength you!

PPS: Reading feels good. Reframing is an essential part for HSP, to reframe your life, to see why some moments/situations went off and reframe those moments for yourself, with the knowledge you have after getting to know yourself as HSP all the way. And self-esteem is very essential. Especially for men being highly sensitive. Sos if you are a men reading here and you are highly sensitive, find ways to grow your self-esteem or maybe someone close by is inspiring you, you have a connection right away, you feel somehow understood and maybe that individual is someone who can help you grow, just by being around and you use this inspiration as your guide, for yourself. To find your unique path as an HSP. GO find it! It is out there! And you carry the full possible potential to realize what it is or who is might be, who inspires you deep inside and is somehow fascinating, maybe that someone is reflecting something you carry inside as well and still something else that helps you grow in courage, in strength, to stand your grounds, being highly sensitive but with a astonishing beautiful GRACE. Go for it! And thank you smiles with the wind :))))) CATCH!

 Fuer keine Kohle dieser Welt - Philipp Poisel

PPS: Being in the meditating corner all afternoon felt very good. VERY GOOD. MY sanctuary :)))) Do you have a sanctuary too in your life? Why not? Need one? Well, then create yourself one. A corner that means safe and coziness for you. To calm down, to relax, to recharge, to feel at home. YOUR ISLAND. Mmmmmhhhh this just made me realize, I have a couple islands in my life! Quite interesting. Island visiting, whatever I need, piratess is sailing me there. LOL....oh dear piratess inside you are a treasure yourself. Some humor on a saturday evening ;) EY!


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