Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear magic of life - wednesday poem - honor to the light

'Dear magic of life

Dear magic of life
you took me on an amazing ride
to re-expierence my living,
turned upside down from running into receiving. 
Thank you for unfolding everyday before myself
being a wonder elf.

Dear magic of life,
let's dance with my soul jive
wrap around my heart
for the warmth to be a caring art. 
Melt with my body
make life a new fullfilled party,
but not that kind you try to fill a void
and try the darkness to avoid. 
NO, the other one
where darkness is pulled along,
integrated into a song
loving it as it is
and turning dark into bliss.
Showing in a glowing,
as a bright light,
visiable in your whole surrounding atmosphere
even taking along fear,
filling the scared parts inside
with trust and lifes light.

Dear magic of life
never stop making me wonder,
please, show me your beauty and do not deprive
by worries and painful 'catching-your-tail-cirling' ponder. 

Dear magic of life
keep unfolding,
me while falling,
catch me,
fetch my attention,
pulling me back in the NOW,
show me how,
I can melt with your magic
and non-attach with the tragic,
that life can be as well.
Keep me connected with this sparkling of alive energy well.

Dear magic of life, carrying so much light,
thank you for making my days bright,
even  in the toughest moments
you show me, even those have ends
and will change
but one thing remains, 
your magic, you throw into the air
to inspire those who care
who are a lover of life
ready for being alive.

- Copyright 2012 by Anke Martin'

In honor to the light.

Smiles, Anke :)

PS around lunch: Hello SUN! :))))

PS from the afternoon: PUH! What an afternoon so far. Back is complaining again....sigh.....oh well. 
How is your day so far? 

YUMMMMMMMM.....just neede some CHOCOLATE :)))) SIGH! :))))) Getting the 'happy-hormones' going in the brain, lol ;) What are you doing today, to get the Happy Hormones producing? I know MOVING is more effective, let's see.....maybe there is an option, maybe not. WHO KNOWS! Exactly only life! :))) Speed and fresh air would feel nice TENSION from BACK into the PEDALS just BEING MOVEMENT, being nobody, just BIKE and NATURE...totally ABSORBED in the body moving......oh my this longing...this longing......this longing.....dear winter you are challenge! 

'Die Formen mögen sich ändern,  
doch die Essenz bleibt bestehen.'

- Rumi

'If you are depressed you are living in the past. 
If you are anxious you are living in the future. 
If you are at peace you are living in the present.'
- Lao Tzu



Everyday Things said...

I like the sun bit! were seeing more of it here tomorrow when its going to be 35C! smiles :)

Anke Martin said...

Thank you! PUH 35! LOL..we had around 6C....;) Oh and the sun, I wished in that moment I would have taking my other camera, cellphone does not take that good photos. ;) Smiles, Anke :)