Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Moving some undercover again - poem

'Moving some undercover again

Can you live the essential
feeling your potential
without screaming it out loud?

Can you silently smile
enjoy just for yourself, for a while?

Can you share this sacred space
without using a shout?

Can you just be, 
deeply rested
even when your patience is tested?

Can you live something undercover
that used to be bare vulnerable hover?

Can you see the need to protect it
so it is not by harm, effected?

Can you see that living undercover is not the same, 
as when your soul is hiding in the cave and you would like the world to blame?

Can you see that it is something beautiful
and not dutiful?

To live it undercover
being a life lover?

Are you ready to take action
not to put up the wall as protection
but still be all open to life
and still dance soul jive
but in a more silently way
so the wind only knows the sway?

Can you understand
that there will come a time
to let go of that band, 
holding onto moments already passed
and the more you try holding onto, the less they last?

Can you sense that the time is ripe
to live this inside sacred vibe
in a silently living
an invisiably receiving and giving?

Can you accept a life living in your beings grace
and to live this, 
you are letting go of the trace?

Because you know and feel all written in your being deep inside
not to hide, 
but to transform
new out of it, to be born.

Just speaking out of your eyes
where the truth lies.

And only you need to know
you don't need to show. 

You are just being
and it doesn't matter who is seeing.
It is a silent bowing
in font of life
just grateful you are alive.

Can you live some undercover 
that makes life a true hover?

Are you ready to let go
of the big show?

Are you ready to live the now
ready to allow
what life wants to give to you
as a clue
to live fullfilled
creating with the beads life spilled?'

- by Anke Martin 2012

I wish you wonderful tuesday! 

Smiles, Anke :) 

 And like this quote in the shared link says. 

I am able to let go,
  because I expierenced all the emotions fully last and this year. 
I gave myself permission to feel pain, to feel love, to feel grief, to feel joy.
Quite amazing!

Feel again - OneRepublic
PPS: Other than that. Cute wild monkey down with fever, and a check with the Doc today, just in case, because the holidays are close! As usually, LOL ;) 

And just listening to the song JA -Silbermond in the radio. I can live this undercover for myself. This lost in the core. Smirk ;) It went straigth to the core, yep. The non-essential got lost very fast and the essential was there, just like that! And that essential, I faced here in public the last year and it is time to live my 'essential' again undercover partly. A core vibe with the wind.......;)

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