Saturday, December 08, 2012

What is this longing? - Saturday poem


'This longing

What is this longing?
My soul and heart melt in groaning
feeling this pull
when life gets dull.

Is it to remind me
to really see
and take care of myself
be the magic elf
filling my inside needs
coming from my soul and heart
to keep me awake and not to start
falling asleep again
making me conscious
to sing in the rain
and see really what is this pain, 
that is pulling my soul and heart away
being in a sway
 of needing to belonging
in this amazing graceful space
giving you this freedom to grow, 
finding and creating this place
where you can color outside the line
until you glow
with joy, with a warmth, with eyes full of sparkles and shine.

And sharing this 'outside-the-line-color-space' with someone else
your world just melts. 
Creating bliss
that you just have to throw up the kiss
for the wind to carry to life, 
and dance the soul-jive, 
because this is real living and more than just a survive.
This is filling deep inside
and makes your days bright.

So, what is this longing? 
Showing me to find this space for 'outside-the-line-coloring'.
-by Anke Martin 2012

Smiles, Anke :)             

'Man muss den Dingen...

Man muss den Dingen
die eigene, stille,
ungestörte Entwicklung lassen,
die tief von innen kommt,
und durch nichts gedrängt
oder beschleunigt werden kann;

alles ist austragen – und
dann gebären…
Reifen wie der Baum, der seine Säfte nicht drängt
und getrost in den Stürmen
des Frühlings steht,
ohne Angst,
dass dahinter kein Sommer
kommen könnte.
Er kommt doch!
Aber er kommt nur zu den Geduldigen,
die da sind, als ob die Ewigkeit vor ihnen läge,
so sorglos still und weit…

Man muss Geduld haben
gegen das Ungelöste im Herzen,

und versuchen, die Fragen selber lieb zu haben,
wie verschlossene Stuben,

und wie Bücher, die in einer sehr fremden Sprache
geschrieben sind.

Es handelt sich darum, alles zu leben.
Wenn man die Fragen lebt,
lebt man vielleicht allmählich,
ohne es zu merken,
eines fremden Tages
in die Antwort hinein.'

  - Rainer Maria Rilke

Amazing what can change in a couple weeks.
Hello patience, hello life. 
Yes, I am okay :)))

PPS: I just read an article in a magazine about Gurus. Quite interesting. Some simmering material. 

Familiar words they used in there: mirror-neurons, opening your mind, expanding your sky, open your horizon for a whole new world of consciousness, feeling safe, feeling at home, uplifting, fascinating

I have a sensing this 'happening' of this amazing space, was a beautiful 'mirror-you-mirror-me story', something both carry inside, THANK YOU for mirroring my treasure and I sure hope you FOUND YOURS, if you haven't already. Life is a mystery. THANK YOU :) 

Hahaha....Okay something just got released, 'press-spokeswoman' uttering: And you would be crazy enough to name it or say you found a GURU! LOL....Yes I would be, but the western society does not really get what I would mean! Or should I say the countryside not. Most of them anyway. No offense to anybody, just saying how it is.  Yes it would make everybody laugh hilarious. Well, at least I would made them laugh, LOL...tempting thought, to give some a good laugh, because laughing feels good and laughing is healthy! No, I do not have a problem, some are thinking I lost my mind....well...actually they are right I lost my EGO-mind. YEP. And I am very grateful to have that one lost over this last year. Feels way more good being. One eye some had a good laugh about this one here, ENJOY! :)))) And thank you to this 'guru' who magically touched me deep inside. YOU ROCK! LOL....oh I did it, didn't I? LOL...sigh....crazy wild Anke :))))) ;)

Dear nature, not today....household matters....:)) 

HA! Dashing through the snow, with cute wild monkey no. 3, screaming like hell in excitement and spreading her arms, while racing down the made me giggle! Thank you life for the opportunity to be outside and feel the speed :))) LOL...... 

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