Thursday, December 27, 2012

Towards the end of year - Thursday poem

'Towards the end of year

Towards the end of year
some are in pure cheer
others face pure fear 
of the new to come
and how they will belong.
But to all, is dear
the new beginning,
so many see as a hope for winning
finally their moments to be them
owning them fully and aware
to really care
about this unique living
and accepting what life is giving. 
Sometimes you know, life will show
new ways to live
and new ways to forgive, 
yourself foremost and others 
so you can let go of inside smothers, 
which is taking the breathing air from you
to see clear and true
what is yours and what is mine
and let this inside light shine
bright again
and not feel ashamed
in front of yourself
to be able to fill your inside with real wealth
richness in the heart and soul
to behold,
your moments true colors
to expand into all directions, wider, taller, smaller
and vice-versa, to live all
and expierence a new way to fall,
which is more an aware jumping,
fear dumping,
and asking life to catch you while sailing
and trust into the good prevailing. 
So, how are you going towards the end of year?
In trust or fear?
In hope or not able to bear?
In love and care or despair?
In understanding or growling?
In creative action or just in a fraction?
With a smile or a frown?
With aliveness or in deprived mess?
 So, what are you living
going towards the end of year?
What are you giving
yourself to make friends with fear?
So, what are you creating with your moments
before the year ends?'

- by Anke Martin 2012 

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