Friday, December 21, 2012

DARK and LIGHT - FRIDAY poem in honor to the lightness and darkness


Dark and light
do not bite
they live next to each other
not to bother
no, to share a whole
to inspire your soul. 
Dark and light
sharing space 
not to chase
but to complete each other 
and not to smother. 
Sometimes the light needs some shade
not to degrade
but to give a balancing comfort
and sometimes the dark needs a spurt
of light
to make it a little more bright.

So, dark and light a complementary to be lived
seeing it as a gift. 
Because without the shade
and sun's hot light blade
it can burn your skin
awful raw thin.
And without the sunshine
the whole world would whine
because nothing would grow
nothing would glow, 
we would not exist
because there would be no mist
to nuture the plants
those produce the food we carry and hold in our hands. 
So, today I am grateful to both,
dark and light
because they are part of the slide
life is creating 
and chose
us, to be among
those balancing forces and listen to their song.
For the soul to inspire
and knowing there is something higher
than the obvious changes
with dark and light ranges
for us to find a deeper meaning
not to defeating
but to really see
what the message is 
to help us find inner bliss
and share this glee
to be you and to be me
who we really are
like a shining star
surrounded by comfort giving dark
and for sending a spark
into others darkness
that they see some hope in a confusing mess
they think they are caught in
and it is so fogging
their possibility to change perspective
is ineffective.
So, sometimes sharing a spark out of the dark
into someone elses heart
to make the light start
to expand from the core of being
back to agreeing
it is worth living all
and in case next time you fall
something will catch you
to see your unique being
and that it is true.

Dark and light are both there to give us comfort
and keep us alert
awake, aware with an open mind
and see again all the kind. 

So, saying thank you to both
and asking them to help me with my growth, 
into being
into seeing
into a fullfilled living
receiving and giving. '

- by Anke Martin 2012 

Peaceful warrior - Trailer 

A share from the 7th Augusut.2012

LOL...sigh...flipping through my headlines. 

26th August 2012

26th September 2012

27th September 2012
'World in between'

5th October 2012

'ahead of time'
Question: the headlines or me being?

6th October 2012 









PS from the afternoon: SIGH...back from a long long walk....
thank you life to make it possible on the day of light.

Being in the middle of darkness and lightness.
LOL....somehow darkness wanted to tell me some things again on the walk.
Grateful for the insights. 
Even that meant to go deep into it again. 
Not denying, just diving in. 
This year was a challenge.
Time to say thank you, and let it go, in its own time.

What I learned?
Reacting is not the best.
Acting after a little time to ponder better. 
That reacting is out of uncomfortness and that I learned to endure this uncomfortness, which helps a lot.
I learned to accept my weaknesses. 
I learned that darkness is not my enemy, it is my protection in some matters, protecting the light and 
sometimes you need to show DARK stop signs, to hold others at bay. 
I learned that I can surrender. LOL....yep.
I learned that I do not need to fix anything or anybody. 
And I learned this year I am a creator at heart and soul and that it  carries a huge responsibility.
I can create my connections with others. 
I can create this sacred space for myself, even someone doing it for me, the first time in life, just pushed me over and it made me smile on my walk realizing this all the way.
And TRUST into LIFE.
Just grateful!
Well, there is probably a lot more I learned, this just came up.
So, today is kind of a review day, 
darkness and lightness.
See you around or later after class for photo release. 
Smiles to you! 

Das Buch hoert sich interessant an...waere was fuer mich, ;) 

'The greatest thing in the world is to know  
how to belong to oneself.'
- Michel de Montaigne
PS from the evening:
Class was fun. 
Some creative Christmas collage got created :))))

SMILE :))))

I wish you a wonderful evening!   

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