Thursday, December 20, 2012

Meeting again - thursday poem

'Meeting again

When we are ever meeting again, 
me and you went through a lot of bliss and maybe pain
nothing was in vain
and everything changed you and me over time 
either it made you shine
because you grew stronger inside
or it was taking all the strength that was left
and the struggles you faced took it like a theft

So, when we are ever meeting again and I can see, you need some light, 
 I am more than willing to share 
because I care
and it hurts inside, seeing you like this
without your beautiful bliss
you used to carry upright in grace
with a cheerful smile in your face.

That this light reaches your core
for you, to re-explore
and not deprive 
from lifes' offers of beauty and warmth
that it will unfold it charms
to wrap around you with its arms
of light and love
that it will uplift your soul and fly like a dove
that it will make your heart beat in joy more and more
that it hopefully opens the door
for you to see the magic
and not the tragic. 
That you get infected with my joy of living
that you are able to open up yourself for receiving, 
that you are spreading your arms
and not worry if it harms, 
but that the wind is taking you along
showing you, lifes' song. 
That it will catch you while falling
take away the fear of the appalling
that it fills you with trust into life
that it tickles your soul to dance jive
and maybe you want to join me being alive
that you can smile with me
next time we cross path
that I can see
your souls inner garden grows again green grass
and maybe we can share
some space together
getting along even better
because the confusing matter
is cleared
and not anymore to be feared.
Maybe by just sharing this meaningfully smile
showing all in the sparkle of the eye
that you and me are not the same
and nobody to blame
that it was lifes plan
 to span
its resparking energy
from you to me
for both to see
and to learn
something that does not need to be earned
something that is just there
deep inside
in hide
something that makes us care
and giving our life meaning
which makes us leaning
into living fully and aware
but finding individuals around us with the same understanding rare. 

So, when we are ever meeting again
can we just share this emerging space
because maybe this was again, lifes plan, 
right now, here, in this place,
to enjoy being in each others grace?

-by Anke Martin 2012 

In honor to lifes magic alias light

I wish you a wonderful thursday!

See you around :))))

Smiles, Anke :)

And now breakfast, LOL...this poem reached me last night ;)

'Sehnsucht laesst alle Dinge bluehen.'

- Marcel Proust ( 1871-1922)

-> This is on my calendar today! 
And it made me laugh!
One of those knowingly smiles and laughing out loud......dear life....I know!

A translation?
It basically says, that longing is making things blossom.

And Osho wrote in his books, that LONGING, just pure longing without a fixed object is one purest of lifes energies.
LOL...goofy I turning into a mystic?
LOL....who knows.....just having fun playfullness in the morning with labels ;)

living creating, creating living.
How you want to name this, does not matter to me.
It is the quality and the expierencing that matters to me.
IN the NOW.

WUUP, there was another one, but first some other matters.

I will post later ;)

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