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A friday 2012 in December - tuesday poem ;)

'A friday 2012 in December

A friday 2012 in December
all will remember.
Some because of the threat the world is suppose to go down 
and those who believe have on their face just a frown.
And others who it does not even bother
it just makes their smile broader
because it is the  day of light
and it makes their soul wide
to spread the wings and fly
 into  the blue wide sky.
It's the day of hope
around the globe
even some are not willing to see
or do agree.
It is the last day of long darkness
from now on, early nights are less
and every new day is to bless
because the light grows more
outside and in the hearts core.
And your winter hibernated body is ready to confess
that it is time 
to shine
again in the light
smiling wide.
Life is a matter of focus
two sides of a whole poke us. 
And what you gonna live
is the attitude you have learned and give
towards life
and which side you will arrive. 
And some are not aware 
they do not care
if there is another side
of lifes slide
unfolding everyday before your eyes
giving you the chance to expand your inner skies.
And it is up to you
if you want to see your inner truth
and follow it
creating in your life space for it, more than just a little bit.
Growing into something you never learned
that needs NOT to be EARNED
but just growing into
with trust and love
slowly stripping off the glove
of non-essential
finally living your core potential. 
in lifes energy sway
living fully your unique way.

- by Anke Martin 2012

In honor to the light.

PS: Dear wind, you are aware that direct facing could carry the potential of 'more-energy-than-we-could-handle' at first. Are you ready to catch us, when this time will ever comeIn the swirl of 'unique' energy life is created of. POWERFUL. UPLIFITING. PUSHING OVER MATERIAL. YEP but nothing to FEAR! Just silently to face and ENJOY :)))))
Something I just realized!

Sometimes things develop just like that
a little while after you got poked!  

PS around lunch: PUH! No child disease in the house...it looked like that last night. sigh......and other than that. I am reading Osho again..smile.....in the wisdom book, yep. Slowly, I am going towards the end. Matter that needs to be taken slowly, lol.....reading, letting it simmer and maybe someday it is there, BOOM! Hitting release, LOL :))) Goofy me. 

How is your tuesday? Smile account? Heart beating in joy? Soul flying? Piratess/pirate on adventure? 

PS after lunch: You only can care for someone else, as far that someone is caring for her/himself. Why? Because you can not take care of the others responsibility to take care of her/himself emotionally or physically. Only the other her/himself is able to. Only you can do is, share your strength, share you courage, your encouragement by living it yourself, share your love till a certain extend, if it reaches is another question. Because as long you take responsibilities from the other, the less the other is willing or seeing the NEED to take his own 100 %. It took me a long time to learn this. And finally seeing this, is freeing, even some try to 'blame' you, you are not caring enough. And you know what, it is okay, I take care of myself and do not throw responsiblities on others. And I am not pressured by this 'sentence' anymore either. I care for myself, of course I care for others, just not serving the 'WANT-NOW-THIS-FROM-YOU-FULLFILLED!' mode anymore Because I enjoy taking care of myself 100 %. Even it takes more effort and the easy ways out are not an option, but in the long run, you are still your own circle. With your own needs and inside wisdom. And what the others dear need of the heart and soul are, are not mine. 

Off to clean the kitchen.......smiles...catch...for you....reading here :))))

PPS: And that is mirroring....you get only mirrored from others what you live or have inside of yourself. So, if you live your freedoms, you get from some this 'freedom' mirrored. If you live your love for life, you get this mirrored. And when two 'mirrors' meet, LOL...it will be interesting, because it mirrors the 'matter' behind the surface. The essential matter. Right away. And this can be quite an surprising expierence. Sigh. Back to circling...LOL....
LOL...from a couple minutes later: In the simmering, this WONDERING about mirroring.....a HSPs 'nature-given-gift', you need to learn how to deal with? LOL......this leads me back to my post in the summer about authentic individuals....I need to find this post......but first household matters and letting it simmer some more. 

PS from later: SO. Some household matters done. And I can SEE BLUE SKY! SIGH.....and throat ache.....looks like cute wild monkey got Mama....so no Zumba tonight, BUMMER. I could have needed the good movement. Oh well, need to find alternative moving for sure today...hope it works out. Off to find this post.....how is your afternoon? Need a cheer up? CATCH for you! A SMILE :))))

A re-sharing from the 12th June 2012 this year: 

'And looking back, I was all my life an authentic individual, I never could hide emotion in my face or how I feel really, I was never a good actor and I was holding back myself, because I was not strong enough all the years to deal most of the time with edges and sharp painful attacks from others, because I am who I am.'
And I am finally strong enough, because I can pull back, into my 'safe-zone'. Creating this 'vibe' for myself. Giving me space, this space who I need it and recharge. Growing ROCKS!

And another one:

'Authentic-individuals' can make their own picture of something and not just repeat anything. 
They are true to themselves.'
'Either you connect with them or not'
 'They stand with two feet on the ground. 
They know their roots.'
 'But they still can 'fly-with-their-soul'. '
'Unlocking this 'heart-and-soul-power'.'
'YEP - pilgriming....feels nice...feels like home....LOL....it does. Understanding for yourself is being home. Even sometimes you are confused but the clarity is coming back again. You know this 'whole-development' I went through - just reviewing back and how much it changed inside of me, is such an amazing thing that can happen to you in life. Or should I say, throwing out 'false', which was not mine, like masks, ideas, learned patterns, fears, wounds. It is a miracle - no other words are there for it. Finding my heart and soul again, getting in contact with them was the best thing that could have happened to me. And all those wounds which closed, all this fullfilling energy, being me, finally being brave enough.....it is amazing what a human being is possible to! And that I am not the only one going this way. That is the most amazing to me, there are others who go the same way towards joy with their whole being and the make similiar expierences! 
THIS  is WOW! Thank you LIFE! :)'  

Back circling is sometimes quite interesting, especially viewing it under the HSP aspects ;) What this has to do with the mirroring? All part of it :))))


https://www.facebook.com/betz.robert -> 'Setz dir fuers Neue Jahr....'



How to be alone   
-> OH I crossed this before! This is beautiful...enjoy :)))





PS from the afternoon: OH SO RESTLESS LEGS......sigh.....sigh...sigh.......dear life! OPPORTUNITY PLEASE :)))) 

PS from the dark: SIGH. I found alternative moving. HA! When fast walking is not enough...do you know that feeling, when your body  needs faster moving than fast walking? LOL...interval....moving...lol...just not that good with hiking boots, BUT...sigh...yep that good :)))))) 
This needs to last till saturday.....dear life be gentle with me....and help me endure, LOL ;)))) Goofy me. And a realization, I am not a runner, no, but I do not need to run all the way, I can always slow down when I have enough. And tonight I needed to MOVE FASTER to get rid of this tension in my back. OH MY.....never ever without my movement, dear life be good to me, that I can keep moving in some sort of way till I am old. When I get old, who knows ;) So, enjoying what I can live in the NOW. And this FELT AWESOME :)))) 

And wishing you the same! ENJOY if you do move tonight, in some sort of way! ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! :)))))    

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