Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saturday Collage: YEAR 2012

Ups, there was a piece missing, LOL..not you can view it complete ;)

Who would have known that out of this sensing from last years Collage.....

....this new one is born, from yesterday?
PUH! I could sense something, 
 but that it will be growing into this NEVER. 
Astonished about is for sure a mystery!
So grateful to all.

PPS: This is the collage it got born out of,

Grew into the one below.....
And I remember, this furter cycle below, it was the first time a mesage from inside telling me:
'This collage is not done'.
But I let it sit and after a while and thought!
YEP 'thought',  it was done.
But it wasn't.
NOW it is. See for the 'one' above.

 Dear life, I have a wondering: You gave me a strength, a strength some do not have. Why did you give me this strength? To go for the impossible? To push forward in matters that seems impossible and sometimes they are, but a lot of times, they are more than possible? Is this why I have this compassion, this love inside of myself to combine: this strength with this love and this compassion for my surounding, that I just push for the possible, first me and by sharing all, pulling along others? Is this my purpose of my HSP and all the talents you gave me? Because creativity is 'creating new', combining existing with other existing matters and create new way, new creations, new understandings new whatever? And still somehow this new is not really new, just something combined. Like my 'heart' in the collage. Created by pieces.....connected to a whole. Yes, me wondering a curious child....fascinated of life and learnig all about it. :)))) 

PPS: Did I mention that I used to LOVE PUZZLE as a child, my mom said I was really good and fast to do a puzzle, LOL....funny how some threads go along in your life. LOL :)))

How is your sunday so far? Mine, towards the light, with intention. Pulling some along....well at least I try, LOL.....smirk....this 'piratess' can not let it be. Can she? NOPE. Greetings from my compassion, empathizing sense and relating.....;))))

But it is not fixing, just giving perspectives and sharing expierences. :))) And that feels good :)))

And another wondering: Dear life did you arrange a coincidental meeting with someone who has this strength as well and was living it, so I can get in touch with mine again, because I forgot I have this in me as well? A good question making me smirk, EY! :)))
And I sure hope this someone still lives this strength!!!! :)))))

PS: Took the errors out.....was typing while it was just there and I needed to release.

PPS from the afternoon: Chilling on the couch....and watching a Christmas movie with the kids :))))

How is your afternoon?

PS from the afternoon: SIGH. Back from meeting the wind, meeting the rain and nature. FELT very good.

FELT VERY GOOD! Kind of warm outside and feeling the rain in my face and the wind, kind of comforting. LOL.....weird wired me. Turning into nature? LOL...maybe.....

So far so good.  Can not complain today. Challenges are passed for now. And still I need to get on my own feet again, because you never know what happens and I really need this for myself. I need to make this expierence, that I can build something by my own. Because this is my potential to create! And since I can not create just for myself, eventually I will overflown with art...I need to find a way....and somehow I sense I put all the 'directing-preparations' for it. And it just needs this last PUSHING myself. step after another, right? RIGHT! Especially as a HSP being. LOL...goofy me, working with  my potentials and with my 'SENSES'. 

Inside status: Upright in grace, being content, mind at peace and a little tension in the body left. LIVING in the NOW.
Even this living in the NOW got challenged while walking, lol....drifting off mind....but the worry spiral did not get me. SIGH. FEELS GOOD.


-> GOOFY are allowed to laugh with me :)))
JOIN ME laughing.
FREE yourself from any tension you are facing. 



Everyday Things said...

I LOVE that heart one! where do you get all these amazing ideas from?

Anke Martin said...

They just emerge, somehow. When I put this collage on the easel I knew there will be white and a heart, the rest developed :))))
Smiles to you :))))