Saturday, December 01, 2012

♥ May your day filled with light and warmth ♥

Just BE.

Take care of your heart and soul. 

I wish you a wonder-ful saturday.

Smiles with the wind, CATCH!

See you around.

Smiles, Anke :)

PS: I am on researcher mission, yep....driving with laptop and soundrecording.....yes THIS hopefully help to identify this annoyance finally. 

How the upright in grace status is? Still in there, after a very comfortable and warm night sleep, the day can come. Open to all, ready for this space to be filled between the soul and heart. Palms are still empty. 

Okay, off to take care of the household, which got a little neglected the last days, LOL....;)

What 'upright-in-grace' means? Simmering is not done yet, well, you would have read it in hurry here....and that feels good as well. Upright in grace is beautiful calm and centered. That is all I can tell you so far. Like magic, yes, laughing out loud freely!  You are allowed to join me in this knowingly laughing, from deep inside in case you do comprehend what I mean ;) Smiles with the wind :)

PPS: 'upright-in-grace' feels like adventure! HA! Soul advendure....let's see what I figure out. Ikea? Something I felt like doing already a couple saturdays but always something in between. Or Collage time? Or biking? Will see how the day develops. 

And sending out my soul, to find my inspiration in my day and asking heart to show me what really matters and asking body to join virbrating in good vibration.  

PS from the morning: RESEARCH NOW....taking the laptop to the car with  microphone......  Off to adventure research...LOL.
Ah too warm...noise just once. Tomorrow in the morning...again. When the car is cold. Mysterious aeaeaeaeaeh-noise was not cooperating with my mission. LOL...goofy me...... 

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