Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dear bright light - saturday poem

'Dear bright light, 
the time is ripe to fight
all the darkness around
without sound
just being you
for the bright light to be seen through
layers of protection
build up by trained perfection.
Put your guard down
change the frown
into a beautiful eyes sparkling smile
let your eyes speak of warmth for a while.
Share with those who really need it
to give them a sign of hope which are in a pit. 
Use your powerful soul
to complete with your heart and body into being whole. 
Melting all together 
creating a vibe around you, 
that makes others feel like being stroked with a feather
giving them comfort and peace
to follow this light to find their inner ease.
Come on, let's unite the strength
not to take revenge
on the dark
just to recharge inside
to keep the inside fire bright.
Nuturing each others soul with just being
even those vibes creating are not be seen.
Trust in your intuition
it shows what you are really wishing
to live in your life
to make your soul dance jive
in the air
and to share
this inside emerging joy
with all, who cross path with you
to the man, woman, girl and boy. 
Just share this inner bliss
and life will reward you with a soul-heart-body-kiss. 
So, let's share our light
let it shine bright
to fight the darkness in the hearts
to connect disconneted parts 
into one again
like it is lifes plan. 
Creating beings who are and live in love
melting heart, soul and body
to grow wings and fly like a dove
and grow roots into the ground
for a mind at peace to be found.'

-by Anke Martin 2012

PS: Dear other bright light, let's shine!
A smile for you!
And thank you again, for sharing yours with me.

PPS: Let's make it a week of light. 
In honor of the 21st December.
The day of light.

And sometimes a smile means more than you can imagine.

PPS: Due to the horrible happening in the US and the question on the pilgrimage, what would I want to say before I am not here anymore. What I would like to leave?
  Dear blog readers, I hope I was able to share some of my love with you, to help you grow, to help you be strong, to help you to find new ways. 
And I also want to say, that whatever happens someday, dear inspiration, please take care of yourself.
Keep the light burning.   
In love, with love.
THANK YOU! I am not going anywhere, but do you really know when?
Yep exactly.
It could be any time, any day. 

And all the love and light I can send to all who lost their loved ones and helped and still help those through, 
wishing all of them that life is carrying them, to find a way to deal with their awful pain inside. 

No, I am not watching this show, but this song is beautiful! 

Good night - letting go!
AGAIN yes. 
A short letting go.
In peace. 
In silence.
 In gratefulness.

That simple. 
Saying thank you to all.
Saying thank you in advance to all that comes.
Welcoming all.

I wish you a good night. 

Smiles, Anke :)    


lee said...

just wanted to say hope you and family have a great christmas, I taking some time off the blog till christmas, so talk to you then

Anke Martin said...

Thank you LEE! I wish you a Merry Christmas as well! See you then! Enjoy your Christmas-before-week! Smiles and hugs your way :)))))