Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas poem - Pilgrimaging to love

'Pilgrimaging to love

is not betting
with your life
but sitting
seeing what is fitting
what is there to deprive,
your being alive.

Being a pilgrim
makes your choices win
of matter
which others are not flatter
but when you have the need for meaning
this need for this leaning
into living
receiving and giving
you need to find your own path
come up with your own math
how you count your days
in this unique life you call your space.

is more than imagine
it is a travel to the essential
showing this potential
you carry inside
and would have never believed
some are telling you while grieved. 
But in a sudden, some time, something happened
your soul feel so flattened
but a 'growing-busting-you-free-emotion',
an energy shift apportion
inside starts to glide
with a busting pride
freeing yourself
cleaning off those false beliefs shelves. 
Ready to conquer your world again
leaving all this pain.
Throwing up your arms
screaming out loud
not in a way that harms
just for the sake of this freeing shout
that is all about
following those clues
life is spilling like a puzzle
that finding the fitting piece is worth all the hassle. 
Freeing yourself from old,
sometimes the need to be bold,
to let go all old patterns
let them swim away like water laterns. 
Making room for new to learn
and be aware of concern
but trusting this inside part
called heart.

Pilgrimaging is not patching
it is really hatching
your inside seed
taking care of its need, 
so it can grow
in a flow
only life knows
and only your emerging inner silence shows
overtime how you can deal and feel about lifes lesson
if you are ready to see all as a blessing
respecting, allowing, accepting
for the subtle fragnance of your moments receipting.
Utterly centered
 knowing ways to your core be entered
and retreat there in peace
for this inner bliss to release. 

Finally seeing who you are
your beings par
with nature
listening to your own inside prayer
giving you the rhythm
to move with the waves
in grace.'

- by Anke Martin Christmas 2012 

In honor to the path I walked this year
in honor to life, such things are possible. 
In honor to the light, which made me curious.
In honor to my soul and heart and body, going with me this way. 
In honor to lifes magic.
In honor to my core and being. 



PS from a little later: My part is the dessert today.....baking and 'creating'. :))))

How is your day so far? Smile account? Heart beating in joy? Soul flying? Piratess/pirate on adventure?  

PS from after lunch: Table set, house in some order, dessert done. Now some snack and then maybe meeting with the sun and fresh air? Let's about you?? Still calm inside? Need a cheer up? CATCH for YOU! :))))))  

PS from early afternoon: MAJOR SIGH! SOOOOO DARN GOOD...YEP :))))))) Back from a break in nature. BLUE SKY and SUN..felt very relaxing and my back feels better too. Moving rocks :)))

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