Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear 2012 - last day of the year poem

'Dear 2012

Dear 2012 you reached your end
so many days spend
one moment to another
learning, growing, getting rid of smother.
Dear 2012 thank you for all
huge, tiny, big and small.
You changed my world
you made me feel kind of twirled
in lifes alive energy
for me to see
what life really means
spilling the beans
and pick those that help me grow
and make my being glow.
Thank you dear life
for showing me what I deprive
myself from living
and deny what others are giving
for me to see aware and make room to share, 
so that I am opening
what others are willing to give
and not being stuck in 'was-hoping-to-receive'.
But really coping 
and live
what my soul and heart need
to nuture this awaken seed
of joy and love and peace
living in ease
letting go of Ego
finding another credo
to live life
to dance soul jive
to follow my  hearts beat
to meet with lifes wonders
letting go of matter that creates ponders.
Letting go to fall
freely and call
life, to catch me
fetch to center me in my moments
before life ends
to be utterly aware of beauty
and not just seeing duty,
no, to live
to give
to be me
in glee
peeling away tightening layers
revealing my real prayers
from my being
not just for me to be seeing, 
but to share this sparkling force from inside
to make life pride
what it created 
and not crusaded
by myself
destroying all on the shelves
no, just clearing off false
and making room to grow
in a natural flow
for the truth of my inside
that did hide
finally coming into the light
and being a guide
to find my meaning
leaning into trust
and not 'fear-full-must'. 
To spread my arms wide
let go of that makes me feel tight.
And welcoming all new to come
join my unique pilgrimaging path along.
Grateful accepting 
not expecting
living moment to moment
showing me involvment
of being alive
and arrive
inside of my core
to explore, 
life again
making all a huge experiment
not to offend
just living my full possible potential
choosing aware how moments are spend
finding and living the essential.
Thank you 2012
you were an elf
who challenged me to my limit
making me sometimes feeling timid
but knowing I need to face
to give all, space
and learn what life wants to teach me, 
what it means to be.'

- by Anke Martin New Year Eve 2012

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