Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Poem - Dear other soul along my way

'Dear other soul along my way

Dear other soul, along my way
stay with me in lifes sway
Come along into the wide blue sky, 
let's watch, time fly by.
Thank you for being there without words
observing all, not just the joy but also that hurts. 
Grateful to feel somehow connected, 
still learning of passed events which effected
all so deep inside,
learning to get rid of false pride.
Towards BEING who I am
accepted and finally accepting myself, 
cleaning off my pretend shelf. 
So grateful for this expierence
that changed all appearance 
of outside matters
and not being fooled by soothing flatters.
Knowing, sensing deep inside
feeling the light
wide awake with all my senses
feeling others fences
and finally understanding why they are there
because I expierenced out of self-care
that sometimes this is the only way you know
and to show
your fence to others
especially if inside turmoil is there which bothers
and you can not handle your own vulnerability yet
and are about yourself to fret
why you are so scared of real living 
when others are more than giving
choices to expierence new ways
 and you rather stay 
where you at
because the unknown seems so unbearable scary
that it makes you weary
to think about.
But what if you shout
a 'fed-up' roar from deep inside, 
giving life the permission to take you on a ride
with your heart, soul and body
 to turn your life into a fullfilled party
but not the short-term event
the real deal, filling your inside with what you need
to find peace of mind on the way and learn how to defend
growing out of this inner silence
accepting lifes' offering hands
to give all that is there to help you expand
in an 'utterly-openly-being-centered-in-yourself' chance.
So, thank you for being there along my way
to observe lifes sway
me being floating from lesson to lesson
forming me with natures powers
with lot's of sun, winds and rain showers, 
creating with my inborn potentials
showing me the essentials
to live fullfilled
to find the beauty in lifes' beads spilled
to connect one after another onto my thread of life
to dance with my soul jive
in the air
and aksing you, dear other soul, to share
this blue wide sky
to say sometimes 'HI!'     

- Anke Martin 2012    

PPS from later at night:  
I realized this can be all souls, reading here. 
Thank you for sharing this space with me, 
thank you for being along next to me, 
sharing my expierences and my path of inner travelling.

A poem flew by and I caught it...smiles :))) 

I wish you a great afternoon.
I will be around. 

PPS: And please, do not intepret anything into it, 
this is something that needs to be understood with your heart and soul.
This is coming out of the freedom of my soul and the love from my heart.

Expressed through my body, by typing. 
LOL...goofy me :)  

'Natur ist glücklich. Doch in uns begegnen
sich zuviel Kräfte, die sich wirr bestreiten:

wer hat ein Frühjahr innen zu bereiten?
Wer weiß zu scheinen? Wer vermag zu regnen?

Wem geht ein Wind durchs Herz, unwidersprechlich?
Wer faßt in sich der Vogelflüge Raum?
Wer ist zugleich so biegsam und gebrechlich
wie jeder Zweig an einem jeden Baum?

Wer stürzt wie Wasser über seine Neigung
ins unbekannte Glück so rein, so reg?

Und wer nimmt still und ohne Stolz die Steigung
und hält sich oben wie ein Wiesenweg?

- Rainer Maria Rilke 


 'Die Liebende
Das ist mein Fenster. Eben
bin ich so sanft erwacht.

Ich dachte, ich würde schweben.
Bis wohin reicht mein Leben,
und wo beginnt die Nacht?

Ich könnte meinen, alles
wäre noch Ich ringsum;

durchsichtig wie eines Kristalles
Tiefe, verdunkelt, stumm.

Ich könnte auch noch die Sterne
fassen in mir, so groß

scheint mir mein Herz; so gerne
ließ es ihn wieder los

den ich vielleicht zu lieben,
vielleicht zu halten begann.
Fremd, wie niebeschrieben
sieht mich mein Schicksal an.

Was bin ich unter diese
Unendlichkeit gelegt,

duftend wie eine Wiese,
hin und her bewegt,

rufend zugleich und bange,
daß einer den Ruf vernimmt,

und zum Untergange
in einem Andern bestimmt.'

- Rainer Maria Rilke

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