Saturday, March 23, 2013

When too much - Saturday poem

'When too much

When too much
holds you in a clutch,
you just try to find the way
through the sway,
of overwhelming matters
they might feel like all shatters
and still inside,
is this light,
shining and burning alive
reminding you to survive,
staying close to the core
even you feel so offshore,
something inside
is a guide
and all you can do,
is anew,
your trust into living,
that life is giving,
you, what you need to learn,
letting go of concern,
learning how to stay in your strength,
even the storms from outside enchance,
life is pushing you to train,
knowing nothing is in vain,
that even in the thickest rain
a rainbow can show up,
on your pilgrimaging path
when you least expected 
like life perfected,
moments aligning,
preventing you of whinning
in a loud mourn,
instead remind you on being steadfast
and knowing that those tough moments won't last
and life just avers,
that it is carrying you,
to see your own truth
and follow your path in clarity and light,
making you smile bright,
because you learned new,
you made it through,
stronger then ever
and thought of this never,
to be possible
even it was close to stumple,
feeling like parts of you crumble,
but in the end,
it was just time spend,
in a tougher phase,
you went somehow through with grace,
 in your own pace
and allow yourself after, all the space,
you need,
to be able to greet,
all new coming,
without running
away with fear,
which is likely to appear
in those foggy moments
losing clear fragments
and wait for the sun to burn through the cloud,
making you shout oud loud,
in a brief
and keep walking
your path,
without wrath,
just content,
to learn what was meant,
to expierence and live
able to choose, if it is making you a captive
or you need to forgive,
for your mind at peace
and settle back into ease.
So, when you face too much
and feel like in a clutch,
just let life guide you,
to see again the clear wide blue,
to expand again with your soul,
easing back into the whole,
of being
life is with you totally agreeing.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin 

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