Sunday, March 03, 2013

Dear life are you giving me answers - Sunday poem

'Dear life are you giving me answers

Dear life are you giving me answers
to questions I am leaping into like dancers
into a song
to belong?

Is it possible to live,
this deepness of being
silently agreeing
beyond words understanding
filled space with love and warmth,
that charms
all or your now,
is it possible to allow
between opposite genders
not as lovers or defenders
but to live as friends?
In a honest openess that mends,
all the misleads you lived
and did thrift
off or into and you lost hope
that a scope 
of this deep inside sharing and caring
is not possible,
but life gives you glimpses
those create winces,
awaken your soul right away
pulling you along in a sway
and you start to pray,
that this was not a mirage,
just some light with camouflage,
poking you awake
to take
a jump
and join the flight,
into the wide
blue horizon of joy,
mutual undertanding
each other at the core
ready to explore,
this mirrored image,
which abridge,
this connection in a reflection
to your core needs
and feeds
your being in grace
supporting you to find your own pace
and protected from the chase,
others try to pull you in
and try to tell you, what you live is a sin,
and being strong is not always easy
but when you know someone next to you, do not feel as queasy,
like walking alone the path of your inner truth
you know there is someone who will support you to be strong so you can choose:
Whatever you need to live and give
when to be passive and active
when to surrender in the splendor
when to take a deep breath
when to give your best
when to show you your potential
when to support you to live your essential
when to just be and enjoy the silence
when to remind you on your patience
when to let go and grow
when to lend you a hand while you expand
when to leap into wondering
when to stop pondering
when to laugh in joy
when to convoy,
your being even from further away
saying HEY!
I am with you wherever you go
and show you a smile
when it was a while
you laughed out loud
and shout
a huge sigh
of relieve
starting to weave
your net of comfort,
turning your life into a concert
of subtle songs
meeting along
while walking your path,
finding a simple math,
how to live as being friends
which enhance 
each others potentials
supporting each other to live essentials
and stay true to oneself
filling the inside shelves
with enough
to endure the tough
and allowing each other space,
in freedom and grace,
protecting the lace
around inside treasures
that goes beyond right or wrong meassures
take off the pressure
and supports you to develop authentic living
receiving and giving
you can live as friends
that tends
to create an aliveness
a brightness
uplifting your vibes,
knowing this friend is a part of your tribes,
grateful appreciation,
of the correlation,
this invisible vibrating
waiting for a response
enjoying the nuance
of this new created song
in which you belong,
as friends
which enhance 
your now
and you just allow,
what life gave you for a gift
and shift
your views
and supports this cruise,
through lifes ups and downs
prevents you from drown
and turns a frown
upside down.
Dear life are you giving me answers
to questions I am leaping into like dancers
into a song
to belong?'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin

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