Thursday, March 21, 2013

The need to let go - Thursday poem

'The need to let go

The need to let go,
the need to atune with lifes flow,
the need to grow
and face all that is uncertain,
lifting the safe-zone-curtain,
stepping outside of hide
of pretending safe,
feeling the wave,
of disagreement
all around
with strong sound,
but you made a choice,
to listen to your inner voice
no matter what happens
even in a sudden
and when you step outside of hide,
you eventually need to find,
this space where it is kind
and warm
without any alarm
a space you can connect
and reflect,
in a comfi vibe,
feeling the light,
a protected spot
when everything is more than a lot
and the way there, finding this
is partly tough and bliss,
it is facing all kinds of emotions
and explosions,
inside and outside,
trying to cover your light
with dark smoke
that pokes
painful in your lungs
trying you to plunge
and loose balance of all
and just fall
and instead of screaming for help,
you are dwelled,
what is happening
and it is a little saddening,
but you just turn around
without sound,
just accepting
this darkness as it is
and feel the miss
of ground
which can feel profound
when it is around
and you just know there is inside this glow,
that is guiding you 
to see the truth
and eventually again the blue sky
you fly
into out of the dark
and it will respark
all the lightness
which was not there for a while,
made you feel like exile
and still knowing deep inside there is this light,
which shares its warmth
when outside matters try to harm
and you keep walking the path,
of a warrior of love
seeing a bigger picture from above
from a distance inside
let life be the guide, 
trusting it will lead you fullfilled
picking up one beat at a time that got spilled
in front of you
to see your truth
expierence all
 of all this learning
feeling this yearning
to be alive
and dance with your soul jive, 
in joy and wonder,
being a responder
to your own beings state
and create
a comfi warm atmosphere
to be here
in the now
and allow
whatever needs to be learned
to let go of being concerned
due to uncertainty
and stay in an aware awake glee.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin

SIGH....back from WALKING.
First the busy noisy route...and then the RELAXING CALMING ONE.
SINCE there was only a short route in tonight,
BREATHING again....felt awesome.
I could have kept good.....on the weekend, there might be a bigger route in need.

Thank you nature for being there tonight.

Felt freeing.

See you around a little of today and  
wishing you a wonderful time MOVING and BEING when you do.

Smiles with the wind :))))

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