Friday, March 29, 2013

Ripples of love - Friday poem

'Ripples of love

When your inside love for yourself is responding,
due to a corresponding
of this energetic vibe called love
that is sometimes just flying like a dove,
from one being to another,
understood deep inside and not bother,
instead make you smile broader,
because it is reminding 
not blinding,
it is showing you the little sharings,
the little carings,
life is offering you,
to see the truth
of loving yourself,
be the elf
to create this warm and comfi space
 in this beings grace,
first for your own
and then it can be shown
and shared with others
and you do not care if it irritates or bothers,
you are not depending on their approval,
you do not need a double,
because you can be your authentic be,
if others do not or see
you care for yourself no matter what
and that is that.
Ripples of love sometimes
caused in a sudden creating spreading chimes
reaching your being,
the way you go
is a fullfilled grow
and you allow this flow,
life is pulling you in
with a grin
just making you smile
which last longer than a while,
and enthrall,
vibrating vibes,
that does not bribe
it is just sharing light
from inside.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin

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