Friday, March 08, 2013

Being defenselessness - Friday poem

'Being defenselessness

Being defenselessness
is not a mess,
it is allowing you to have shaky legs,
knowing all is at stake on the outside
you might lose your pride,
but you never will lose your core,
you will never lose the strength of all your pores,
you will be shaky and weak
until it reaches a peak
and then you ease back into
standing in defenselessness,
but feeling a bless,
you never felt before,
which is coming out of your core
and you explore
this new being
just name as it is simply open and aware,
you share
in a 'blunt-surprised-of-yourself- way'
and others might will run away,
because of what you say,
scared of this deep authentic being,
who is agreeing with moments of life
being weak but still alive
and living even in such an intimidating moment,
this grace till the end,
not to defend,
just because this is a natural being,
in which you grew fully,
how matter are really
living the essential,
knowing eventual,
life will give you answers,
what you need to live
and give,
putting down the lancers
who used to ride inside
in pride
to defend your outside with reaction
and just did not really change any to a deep inside satisfaction.
Just gave away your strength,
others will use as a revenge,
attacking you when possible again
it is a reaction chain,
which only can be leaded into a different direction,
by non-reaction,
just being in defenselessness,
that does not make any confess of your being
and for the other visible seeing,
you are not interested in a fight
you are not jeopardising your grace,
nor your smile in your face
of living life in joy,
your are not anymore willing to destroy
all you learned
and deep inside earned,
by travelling inside,
finding your light,
you live in peace
being with yourself at ease
and just showing boundaries
only once in a clear calm voice
taking a choice,
when necessary to turn around
and walk away,
do not obey,
but keep walking your unique path
that draws
a new line
on your inside map,
walking around the trap,
of Ego,
to let go
and just be,
accept and agree
with lifes offers,
like lovers
in tune.'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin       

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