Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Free falling - what is this?

It is going with the season of nature. 

It is letting the light in,
when facing tough challenges.

It is spreading your arms and just letting go of the grip,
you do not hold on anymore,
any longer.

It is like being in the air.

It is keep moving with the waves of life, 
no matter what.

It's letting the ripples ripple...and not try to change their movement.
You let the effects expand and view what really happened.
Pulled back and watching, observing.

It is giving up control over lifes matters,
matters you can not change anyway.
You just let go and trust life.

It is accepting,
 that change will be always there.

And you still can embrace living.
IN JOY and an openess, 
which just astonishes you.

Free falling is freedom.

Free falling is living in your beings grace and knowing of your strength.

You can STAND your GROUND when necessary,
even the winds are hurricane like,
just bend like a bamboo.


It is knowing that life will catch you, in a soft caring way.

It is surrendering.
Letting go of outcomes, plans and ways,
its new orientation in your NOW
and from there you can find new ways,
you are giving yourself the freedom to change,
you are giving yourself the freedom to be who you are.
And when you sometimes have to change direction suddenly,
you know because it was not doing your heart and soul good
and sometimes you first realize this,
 after walking a little while a certain path.
It is learning by expierence and it is ALLOWED to change direction.
Nobody is holding you back,
except for yourself.
And those who try to tell you, 
it is a BAD decision,
well, if they would live from their HEART and SOUL,
they could understand deeply
and just wish you all the best and support you as much as possible
 to find your path and live your full possible potential,
with LOVE
for LOVE
in compassion,
with compassion,
for compassion.
For yourself and others.

Good morning, this is free falling. Smirk......

So, ready to start my day and letting go of 'DAY 94 - Life caught me. In free falling into the airhole. Grateful. Just focusing on the little things. Like bike ride = freedom. :) Deluxe ride. Felt nice.' Moved into the other glass. Travelling inside is my life, travelling inside enriches my now, travelling inside is wonder.

See you around, I wish you a wonderful day, smiles, Anke :)

PS from the morning: DEAR LIFE....CATCH ME...I am surrendering already at life be with me in this day, support me to be in my moments and keep my strength....who knew that this might become a challenging day????? EYEYEYEeeyeyeyeyeyeye how was that with training this it? Okay, accepting.
And thank you life for being there already for me. A couple signs along the way, reminding me to stay in my beings grace and strength and good thing, the bakery had a ham roll.....sigh....because this mama here packed the kids breakfast but obviously did not put the box into my youngest daughters bag....YES all at once and forgetting to be in Kindergarten at 8, due to a special event......well...10 minutes too late, the Mama got challenged to MOVE faster and keep my HEAD while facing all at once again.....sigh...hello Wednesday!
Piratess is ready to surrender in my moments and just work with them.

How did your day start? The same? Well, then give me your hand and we jump into the unknown, flying into the blue wide sky. Smirk.... 

Smirking thought at 10.10am: When the real inspiration/reminder is not available, life shows me other signs as reminders. Laundry folding widsom. EY!

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie 

-> Beautiful! 

Okay, I wish you a wonderful rest morning and afternoon....see you later :))) Smirk.

Be in your moments, remember your smile account, your heart, soul and being, ah yes and your inner adventurer! Smiles to you :))))  

Howdy from the evening! Afternoon was good, evening..not sure yet....Oh well.....making the best out of it. 

How was your day? 
PS from later: I am creating it a good evening for myself. I took a choice, no matter what. Smirk..yes I am learning...and it feels good. See you around. Kids are in bed, now eating and then sharing some inspiration....:))))

'Love is an emotion.
totally silent and inexpressible with words.'

- Rumi

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