Sunday, March 24, 2013

Leaping - Sunday poem


The more of 'too much' is into me creeping,
I am having the urge of leaping.
Leaping into being alive
dance with my soul jive
and live my life,
the way I need it
and others do not understand a bit,
but I need to go my way,
to stay
in my grace,
create my own space,
a place
 to belong
and create a fullfilled song,
only those can understand
who tick the same
and not try to put on you shame
and blame,
that you are able to transform,
outside the norm,
inside states
changing shades
into sunshine
and do not share the common whine.
Oh this leaping energy,
is not always in agree
with my daily living
receiving and giving,
it is reminding me to create,
out of the shade
sometimes walk on dangerous sharp blades,
but heart and soul know,
this is the way to grow
and to be in a glow,
of your being,
the truth,
you can not lose
whatever you try,
it is only the lie
that gets blown away
in the pilgrimaging sway
and you start to pray,
in your own unique way
a zen of your own,
that was grown,
over time travelling inside
in hide
and your are so ready to live this out loud
in a loud powerful shout,
claiming your authentic being
even only a couple around you are agreeing,
you do not care
you just share
your essential parts,
which might touch others hearts
and pull along souls,
fill holes,
till the max
and ease into a relax,
you never known before
and you realize it is your core,
you started to explore
knowing in sudden what living is for
being your true self
being a wonderelf
filled with love and warmth,
that is not there to harm
but to charm,
your body, soul and heart
and create another start of leaping
when too much is creeping
into you
and you are so through,
you are fed up of others trying to destroy your bliss,
that you are leaping again
and it is a ongoing chain,
not being hold back,
and just spread your arms,
be aware of inside alarms
and let go ,
create a flow,
of lightness for yourself,
clear off those getting heavy inner shelves
and bust free of too much,
getting out of the clutch.
Oh this leaping energy,
is so in agree,
with my heart and soul
that it makes me feel whole
and enroll
into this lifes process fully,
being a pulley
to balance out dualities of life,
which might cause strife
inside of me
and taking away the glee
of my strength and grace
in a sudden blaze.
So instead of burning
I am turning
towards JUMP!
before it becomes a painful growing bump
on my soul
and takes away my being whole.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin

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