Friday, March 01, 2013

Dear being in hide - Friday poem

'Dear being in hide

Dear being in hide,
let me show you the light,
let me show you the bright
side of life, 
let's dive,
into this new dimension,
open your heart
for a start
to receive,
what I can give,
allow all
that enthrall, 
your soul
and uplifts your heavy
makes it go POFF!
to levy
your stuckness
into aliveness,
confess you love living
and enjoying being,
just like that
flying away with the wind like a hat
and grow your roots into your core,
feeling the connection in every pore,
fullfilled with a warmth,
that puts around its arms
and hold you tight
in this bright caring light
telling you to stop the fight
come out of hide
 and live your color
not as somebodies follower
only living your own unique potential,
which is essential,
to keep your strength
and enhance
your energy
to keep living receiving and giving,
a challenge in this cold world
which tries to pull you into a swirl
of power and prestige
and sieges 
your true being,
not agreeing,
what you live
being authentic
because it makes you active
and go your own way,
even you might feel astray
but trusting your intuition
you will again find a clear vision
knowing when to make a decision
what you need to live
receive and give,
with this powerful force behind,
which is born out of compassion
and is kind
to yourself and others
even it seem to border
them at first
and you can sense their thirst,
for the same you are finally living
but they are not ready of receiving
their lifes lessons
to support them with blesssings
along the way
and they rather run away
with fear
and everytime they try to jump it appears,
so instead of getting upset by being attacked by them fierced
due to their frustration,
take care of yourself
be patient,
life will carry you
it is true,
just surrender
and let me show you this splendor,
let me show you the light,
while you are BEING in hide
and maybe some day you decide
to come along
and create your unique vibrating song
to belong,
next to me
in a glee of living
giving and receiving,
and deep inside allowing of caring.'

Created and copyright by Anke Martin

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