Thursday, March 07, 2013

Love and freedom - Thursday poem

' Love and Freedom

Thank you, 
you shared your freedom vibe with me
being like you are
and not just agree.
Thank you for showing me my strength
on the same wavelength.
Thank you for inspiring me to keep seeking answers
awakening my inside sensors,
for inside needs,
which started already to bleed
out of starvation
and taught me finally of spontaneous creation
and learn this patience,
to endure
and cure,
deep inside wounds,
which seemed at first like it ruins,
but it was more an enthrall,
to let go of all,
learn how to surrender,
 in the splendor
and learn how to free fall backwards without control,
finally feeling a whole,
something inside melting and merging,
going deeper into the searching
and you find your hearts warmth,
that charms
put around arms
of your being,
finally seeing,
you need both to grow
and bestow,
love and freedom
with the same amount of nuture
so you can grow into your future
of being
finally freeing,
yourself, of non-essential
and live those potential,
with grace,
in your own pace,
sharing space,
when you can with others
to whom your energy is not a bother
but a true comfort and warmth
that never means to harm,
but supports you grow
and glow
in a love,
that is giving you a shove,
to be brave and come out of cave,
out of hide,
show your own light
and since I know the difference
of living, 
when you are giving, 
drama the power,
your inside turns sour, 
but when you surrender in joy,
all of you will convoy,
this new path to live and walk,
stepping over the gridlock,
finding your true peace
your cores' ease
and just know this is wonder,
you do not need to ponder,
just surrender and accept,
letting go of expect
and open up wide
and let in the light,
flooding your being,
with you finally agreeing,
of this love,
that comes like a dove
and brings hope,
that supports you to cope,
with false beliefs
and unsureness
turning into pure awareness
and you care and share
whenever you can,
to stretch the span
of this space betwenn the heart and soul,
creating out of the whole,
new dimension of mind
which turns you into compassionate and kind,
being no longer blind,
to your inside needs,
which greets ,
in those silent times of life
and you let go of the strive
to be busy all the time
or following the line,
just give yourself permission,
to follow this mission,
of living BEING,
with the flow of life and stay afloat,
like a boat,
in the now
to allow,
whatever is there
and still care
for your own love and freedom,
because you need them.
That is why I share my love,
like a dove,
to give the best possible potential,
to grow into the essential
to live fullfilled
and not Ego-willed.
I share because I care
just like that,
connected by lifes' choice
giving my creativity a voice,
to name and express
will be always there
and it is a need to share,
because this freedom vibe 
supported me to care
deep inside of my own light.
Thank you!'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin

PS: Letting go will be in the earlier post.

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