Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dear anchor of my life - wednesday poem

'Dear anchor of my life

Dear anchor of my life
you help me to survive
of inside overwhelming states,
created by shades
of matters happening in my days
and it sways
me almost out of balance
and staying in my beings' grace is a challenge
but as soon I connect to you,
I can see the truth,
I can see the light again,
I can see the rainbow in the rain,
I feel lighter in a sudden,
astonished what happened,
surprised everytime
in what chime
my anchor pushes me in,
out of spin
into my calmness and ease,
finding again my inner peace
and just release,
all that weighs too heavy on me,
that takes away my be
and expand into wideness
beginning to feel my growing aliveness,
spreading my arms
because the air charms,
me to give room,
to bloom,
into freedom and love 
flying like a dove,
just being in my core
and explore,
what got covered by too much,
that was holding me in a too tight clutch
and it squished me almost all,
I started to stumple and withdrawal
of my beings' grace,
pulling me out to be chased
by fear and tension
preventing expansion,
but before all this could become real,
soul pushed me out of this ego deal
and guided me to my anchor,
could feel my beings hanker,
for this space to breathe
in ease.
So, what is this anchor of mine, 
my body, heart and soul are in align?
It is nature,
touching my beings creature
deep inside
releasing the light
out of hide,
to fill me to the max
and finally relax.'

Created and copyright by Anke Martin

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