Monday, March 04, 2013

Leaping is deepening - Monday poem

'Leaping is deepening

Leaping is deepening,
into being,
into agreeing,
that there are matters of your core
you need to explore,
but the timing is not right,
it would be just a fight,
trying to make it work
like a beserk,
not doing any good
just facing withstood,
of life,
that is teaching you the alive jive
and you are not open to listen
not seeing the glisten,
of growing into,
instead trying to lean-to,
which is not integrated living
just bidding
and not true essential being.
Matters need time,
to become a chime
that expands in a harmonious song,
to belong,
but do not get me wrong,
leaping is necessary,
to lose the bleary
and see your needs aware,
so you start to care,
and declare,
where to grow into
and what to do
to find the path,
in the mass,
of moving others,
between borders,
supporting your core
and every pore,
to become alive
to dance this jive,
life is teaching
and it supports you reaching,
to live your essentials
of your potentials,
slowly and deepening
into answers of your being
and realizing some day,
that you are actual living,
those needs you longed for a while back
and you were wondering how the heck
this is possible to live and to be,
and while living everything else,
you lost the false
and grew closer and closer
into something you chose,
sometime in a moment
feeling this alignment,
of filling,
making you committing,
deep inside your heart and soul,
to allow this whole,
to fill your inside,
in a tide,
of warmth and joy
that employs
your whole being
and knowing then
leaping is deepening
finally seeing
what you need to be
to be in lifes glee
teaching you the song to belong.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin 

In honor to my Inspiration in my life, that is making me leap.

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