Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sonntagsgedicht: It's my song

'Its my song

It's my song
which is to me it will belong,
I just share,
whenever and wherever is a moment I care.

It's my song
and there is nothing wrong
in its deepest meaning
it is every time a leaning,
into life,
showing I'm alive.

It's my song,
it is strong,
I know,
it is here to show,
you and mostly me
what so see
and what to agree
and what to change
in the range
of action
in a fraction
of lifes seconds
knowing deep inside what happens
when it touches deep inside
and turns everything in hide
towards the light
to as well shine bright.

It's my song
I share 
because I care
and there is nothing wrong
because it comes out of the heart,
it is a part,
of my warmth for you as a human being
even others are seeing
this as a wanting to own attack
 and feel their own lack
because giving without wanting back,
that is only possible for the fully living
they are only able of giving
real, unique and free
without the fee 
of paying for freedom.

It' my song
that is created by my eyes, body, hands and tongue,
every expressing from deep within
is a begin
of something new,
to include
when it is time
to be true
to your heart
and maybe accept the invitation part
of my song
to create your own melodie
for others to feel, hear, expierence and see.

It's my song
there is nothing wrong
with it
it is too strong
to be pushed down
into a frown
it is evolving free
it is pulling along my me
to live life in its fullest
and not its dullest.

It's my song,
which belong,
to life itself,
because it is the helping elf
be able to create it,
a unique fit,
to my living,
joyful giving
and recieving
even when leaving
is the only option to choose,
and it does not feel as loose,
instead it taught so much
and left a touch
of wonder
and ponder
is not even lived,
not even grieved,
it is just grateful accepted
  it is a no more expected.

It's my song
which I will create lifelong.'

- Written and Copyright by Anke Martin 


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