Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Which matters most when everything gets 'too-much'...... able to find a way to LET go INSIDE of your brain. Nothing else will give you real peace and freedom. You need to learn how to let matters be (however the status is) and still live this joy of the moment. Not easy, I admit, because we usually are raised with 'guilty-feelings' when you allow this to yourself. But HEY! THIS is something EVERYBODY is allowed to live! YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE to CARRY EVERYBODIES PAIN! No, you are not, you can relate with them and share your compassion, but you are always allowed to let go inside and pull YOURSELF BACK into the NOW all the way, just being present and then a lot of matters do not even matter anymore. It is OPENING up your HEART and SOUL for the MOMENT and letting all go, just utterly being, letting go of the holding onto thoughts, past happenings, future happenings and just keep walking.

And what do I mean with 'too-much'? It can be all, some are overwhelmed faster than others, feel/sense where your limit is. Example from me, with three kids, household, taking care of matters and going to work as an aware choice, carries a lot of potential to be 'overwhelmed' fast by matters and the essential key to keep my heart and soul open, is to LET go inside, when it is time and utterly ((re-center)) myself in the NOW and if it is just for a couple hours or moments a day. You basically give yourself a break during your everyday. I have different ways to get there, recenter myself uttlery in the NOW. Going for long walks, bike rides, creating, blogging, enjoying the silence, reading, taking aware breath and feel my inside fully aware, feel where my body is tensed and give myself whatever I need to get back into balance and 'recharging' my batteries. And everybody has different ways, but LETTING GO is an essential key to keep your heart and soul open to LIFE. And this 'letting-go-space', happened in those special 'being-moments', not knowing what this all means back then. It was a 'loosing-all-other-matters' and just utterly BEING in the moment, AWARE, utterly aware and when this state is on both sides, when you share this space with someone, just WONDER. MAGIC. Energy of its purest form, just making you smile and utterly recentered in yourself. Being is wonder and BEING is my life. And it is this space I would like to 'create-even-more-aware' as friends, if you need to give it a name, both utterly being, aware, enjoying, appreciating the possibility to have someone to create this space that pure. Because this does not happen a lot. Maybe when there are more individuals finding this way to live in BEING, but this takes probably a lot more time. Maybe this is just something HSP's can understand fully? A question I can not answer.

So, I wish you a wonderful wednesday....out of routine again and that is fine with me....working with the changing ways of life, gratefully accepting and working with them, utterly being in the now. 

See you around, smiles your way, let's share this space from a distance.....close your eyes and just BE with me, creating this 'circle-space-around-two-circles', filling this space with warmth and light. 

LOL....the poetic me this morning, smirk.....sigh....hello WEDNESDAY, WELCOME!

Smiles, Anke :)

And letting go of :' DAY 24 - Keep it simple. Enjoying tiny little things which make me smile. Being true to myself no matter what.' Moved into the other glass. Grateful.

PPS: And you know what! I AM SO BLIND! WOW! I created all those collages out of this 'space' and THEY ALL has it CLEARLY NAMED, WHAT THIS SPACE IS! WOW! This needs collecting of words....which I do not know if I find time today, but this will be shared, sooner or later! My collages sum as pure as I was able to create, what this space was/is! WOW! I AM SO BLIND still after all this 'awareness', LOL......sigh....dear, I do not need to know everything anymore right away and do not need determined searching for answers anymore, you will show me, sooner or later anyway. Smirk. When the time is ripe and I am able to understand. Deep smiling sigh....hello MOMENT full of wonder!

PPS: Life has mysterious ways! Smirk....all is there for a purpose, all works out somehow....this astonishes me every time...dear life, THANK YOU :)))))

PPS:  Eyeyeyey facing weird migraenish head.....dear weather.....dear are challenging me....sigh...hanging in there....:)))) 
How is your morning? Smile account? Heart beating in joy? Soul flying? Piratess/pirate on adventure?  

PPS: It hurts still when this happens, when someone is starting to see you as an enemy....kind of sad too.....why would someone see me as an enemy? Out of jealousy? Oh come on! You can have a fullfilled life as well! You just NEED to be working on it, get there. It did not flew to me either. What is holding you back? Fear? I know fear is a huge preventer. Give me your hand and I pull you along, open your heart and I show you the wonders, let your soul fly with me in the sky and we explore new skies. Let your inner adventurer become playful and we will have lot's of fun in a sharing dimension. And I mean soul-wise.  Sharing space, just being.

Passenger "Feather on the Clyde"

Everything is given to me in the right moment of my life, whenever I needed it. So, when you meet with some and it might confuse you, due to the coincident, was it making you smile? Maybe you needed this in this exact moment? Or maybe the other needed it? Either way, only you know, in that exact moment, if it was for you or for the other, who needed a cheer up, a smile, a reminder of the wonders of life. A reminder to BE in the MOMENTs, to surrender to the NOW, surrender to LIFE and just follow its rhythm, however this is for you, go find your rhythm and keep pulsating with lifes pulsating aliveness. It is resparking you more than you can imagine, when you just let go of the outside anchor, in a outside safe harbor, create your inside 'harbor-with-anchor' and just keep floating, as a 'being' having all inside of yourself. ALL. The safe harbor, the wild ocean, the island, the mainland, the ability to give and receive, love and freedom, fight and surrender, all, you carry all. You might just need to dive deeper and find those treasures. GO JUMP into the depth of your own darkness, you fear so much! Into your own inner unknown! And THANK YOU LIFE for helping me to find mine and I wish all those who helped me to 'start' this journey, that they will find yours as well, that they can be brave enough, couragous enough to find their inside treasures and live those. Surrender yourself to life and it will carry you! And it is a wonderful expierence, making you ALIVE in seconds....pulsating, smiling, laughing, surprised laughing out loud, BEING fully there in your moment with big eyes of astonishment and sparkling joy! 

Dear sun, show today some of those the sun, who need it the most, I can not share this directly with some anymore, shine for them! Warm their hearts and souls and give them comfort. And dear wind...carry a smile for me, magically creating a smile on others faces, getting tickled by you, in their face or hair, and dear blue sky, be there for those who the dark clouds of depression try to eat them, open up for them and show them this WIDENESS and to spread their arms and just FLY again, and feel this lightness of living again, which they are fighting so hard to achieve. And dear life help them, to surrender and give up fighting, help them to let it be and just surrender to lifes guiding opening up, free falling into trust they will be carried! 

Some compassion for you from me, whoever is reading here and all those who made it straight into my heart and soul, life placed them there, without my consent, because they helped me to see, they helped me to grow and my 'mind' alias 'former-ego' would have not allowed this! So life needed to take action by itself and just PLACE them THERE, like hammering them in, LOL..yes that is how it felt, like a BOOM and a bust me off me feet to loos balance and look closer! HA! When you loose your BALANCE in life you NEED to LOOK CLOSER! HA! HA! HA! HA! Sorry I had to push you over too...LOL..I can say, it was for the best for both of us! It came with this rebellous waking up 'soul-status', which I went through before I settled into being. Smirk.....sigh....oh my....a lot of things just pour into my fingers right now.....hello WEDNESDAY you are wonderday, aren't you????!!!!! And I CAN SO UNDERSTAND, that being pushed out of balance with my poking, makes you mad, me trying to find answers, which I needed to find myself, but without all this 'expierence', I would have not found it! Like I mentioned before, I could not be hurt, I was not hurt...Ego was but not my 'being', because BEING understood right away, I just needed to sort and find the difference by living both again aware and seeing the fine lines......oh this yearning......this yearning here......what kind of energy do I put out here? A strong pulling and pushing one, isn't it? LOL....laughing out loud yes in joy and wonder, because you can say THANK YOU TO is guiding me, LOL.....I am just a creator of words, art and spaces....nothing more....out of intuition.....and my willingness to share with you, maybe one of you reading here can totally understand and that is worth alone typing here. YES I AM VERY PASSIONATE concerning some matters, inborn gift I can not deny any longer! take all you need for your own path, as an inspiration, as a support, knowing someone is there, out there in the wide world, who types what you sense/feel inside of yourself, but your surounding is 'stamping' you weird, crazy, egoistic or whatever, and declares you as an enemy, which you are not intenting in the first place, but you learn to live with this fact and still keep walking your authentic being path, because you know, this is what LIFE is pushing you to!!!! And I gave myself the permission after fighting against living fullfilled, for way too long in my life!  

PS: Sigh..migraenish head is 'getting' into mellow comfy feeling again....sigh...pleasure in my brain, I can tell you that! :))) lol :)  

NO! I am not regretting one little bit! Because whatever I shared, did, do is coming from my heart and soul!,_but_not_in_your_life./303631/

'Expectation is the root of all heartache.'

- William Shakespeare 

And I just read:

'When you stop expecting you start accepting.' true!  

Shambhala Sun | September 2009 You'll find this teaching on page 54 of the magazine. Meditation for Difficult Times

-> YES!  

THANK YOU wednesday MORNING, you gave me what I needed....smiles....:))))) 

PPS: You can see my blog writing and sharing as the 'finding-my-own-way-expierencing-aware' the laws of life as being.

Grateful to my mom, cooking lunch today.....filled belly....smiles :)))))  
Cold today...the after 'migraenish-effect' maybe....I am cold.....or breeding cold? Sigh..who knows.... 

Okay, break this morning felt nice. Now some house tasks before I go to work...see you around till I go.

PPS: And BE in your MOMENTS when you MEET nature or you do a movement hobby. GO MAKE MAGIC happening, totally absorbed, focused, loosing time and space, MELT with your movement, just BE MOVEMENT....fine coordinated.....GO! :)))) Smirk :)))  

PPS: Feels like with the lesson 'keep-your-heart-open-no-matter-what' comes as well the lesson 'settle-into-a-new-trust-in-life' as well....interesting.....what kind of trust this is? That all will work out, somehow. 

Soaking in music....mmmhhh.......llaaalllaaa.....feels good...carried by sound waves.....
How is your day so far?  

Okay, see you tonight. I wish you a wonderful afternoon :)))) 

Howdy from the evening!EY!
How was your afternoon? Mine? Good. Kids are in bed, now something to eat and spend the rest of my night somehow, LOL....and sometimes there are JUCK! blog statistics! NO 'MATURE-CONTENT' HERE! GUYS! Go find it on other sites! 

-> MAJOR SIGH! YEARN! AAAAHHHHH.......and I am so grateful that I learned to distinguish mine from others 'feelings'. 

I just saw this on FB:

Mathematics of life:
+ Laughter
x Love
- Hate
= Happiness

-> YES, my kind of math here ;)
Greetings to all who love numbers, 
those are mine ;)

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