Thursday, February 07, 2013

URGE to LET GO....matters which found clarity.....

Dear life, 
pick all up that landed on my palms already.
Dear life take all that filled the space between my heart and space.
Take it with you and take care for me.
Free falling backwards.
Feeling the lightness.
Feeling the emptyness.
One MOMENT to another.
Thank you LIFE for CARRYING me!      


Who is coming?
Let's go, let go of all that was already today, no matter which quality it was.
Just let go and come on, 
fly with me!



->  ~~~~~~ 
-> Not what you think.
Energy meeting.
And keep working from an outside 'spark'   
with the inner being. 
And yes, this is why I just can only be grateful!
Thanks to a spark I discovered this 'inside-melting'.
Reposting from 11th November 2012: 
'PS: Here is a short summary of the colors again and my meanings.

Soul/Freedom + space + Heart/LOVE = BEING
Blue + space + PINK = light green

Being + beauty/inspiration = melting with the moment
Light green + beauty/inspiration = orange 

beauty and inspiration can be all.
Whatever my soul is inspired by.

Being + 'Freedom-to-be' = deep inside trust in life
light green + 'Blue' = turquoise

'freedom to be = accepted space, who you really are'

 Love + deep inside trust + melting with the moment = mind at peace

Pink + turquoise + orange = yellow

PS: And the white sprinkles, 

PPS: You know what this 'letting-go-urge' is, really?
Like letting go of my day, every night.
An essential ritual which sometimes I do during day too.
And what is is for?
To stay open  to life living in the now
not to cling to 'insights' or 'inside-findings' like I used too.
Something there was 'wonder', 
I did not like to let go for a long time,
but once I learned whatever I let go, 
might be coming back in a different dimension,
this whole process  grew into an essential.
And after a while I found that this letting go process is necessary to grow into being.
It is necessary to clear this space between the soul and heart
to be able to live in the NOW.
It is like you get a 'ball-thrown-at-you', 
you catch it, hold it a little further away, 
view it from a distance, 
turn it, 
look at all sides and throw it back up into the air.
To give back to life and since I share those 'thrown-at-me-balls' alias insights, 
maybe this 'ball' someone else is catching and viewing and 
sharing it with others, by just throwing up in the air.
And mabye those who catch it, 
the 'ball-and-its-message' will resonate inside and 
help the other to grow as well, 
into living fullfilled.
Smirk....maybe I can draw this.....a picture in my head that makes me smile.
Piratess was on adventure ;)
And this 'sharing-here' is not to get 'recognition' or 'attention' or 'admiration'.
 I share out of PURE GRATEFULNESS. 

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