Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dear duality of life - Tuesday poem

' Dear duality of life

Dear duality of life,
you tried to drive 
me crazy,
 made me hazy
but something inside
came out of hide
and showed me this bigger picture,
a deep inside written scripture,
expanding in front of me a new dimension,
which I can enter with intention
and teaches me it is not worth a fight,
not worth to fight for the right,
that right or wrong
do not belong
in this state of being,
just agreeing
both sides of the coin are there
and share,
the existance of being a whole
and your soul will know,
which way you need to go,
to stay in the flow
and not get trapped
in a contradicting trap,
but use this tension,
which is stronger with further expansion,
as a jumping energy,
not to flee,
but to enter a higher dimension
paying attention
of what you care
and what you need to live
when you need to forgive,
yourself for not be able to choose
and you lose,
one of the sides or both
because they make POFF!,
the more time passes
and they solve into 'no-mattering-anymore-gases'.
And all that is left
is a deft,
to live life in all its dimensions,
an comprehension,
of deep inside understanding
not blending,
but authentic living
receiving and giving,
knowing dualities of life will be always there
and share
space with you,
to see your truth
and it is up to you,
what you need to choose
to stay true,
to your soul and heart
and not to lose yourself
following false beliefs which collected on your inside shelves.
Instead seeing aware,
for what you need to care
and put one step after another
one after the other,
to create your own path
and take a bath,
in the abundance of life,
dancing with your being jive.
So, dear dualities of life,
you are not there to deprive,
but to give chances,
which either dulls or enhances,
your living.
So, thank you for giving,
me the bigger picture
and find my fitting inside scripture.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin    

What is jealousy and why does it hurt so much?  

I am reading Osho, this might be interesting for some reading here?
If not skip the link ;) 

Good night. 
Letting go.
A full circle day.
So, ready to spread my wings and just jump into the unknown
and while flying all that filled the space between the heart and soul is getting cleared
all that landed on my palms today is flying off,
for life to take care, 
smiling with the wind, 
because he is my friend,
supporting my flight into the unknown.
Grateful to all.
Grateful to my heart, soul and being who are couragous facing lessons which are sometimes painful.
Grateful to my body, doing such a good job keeping me healthy.
Grateful to life for all.
Saying thank to all that is coming.

Flying up and down, 
SAILING the blue wide sky in joy, with inside freedom, with this love for living fully, 
expanding my horizon,
flying into unknown grounds, 
ready and aware to expierence
and learn what needs to be learned.

Thank you for being here, going up and down my waves of living and discovering BEING.

Smiles to you, 
I wish you a wonderful rest, 

Anke :))))

Good night!


leekre said...

what a great poem

Anke Martin said...

Thank you Leekre :))) Smiles to you :)))