Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dear life, I am wondering - Sunday poem

'Dear life, I am wondering

Dear life, I am wondering
not pondering,
just openly viewing,
not brewing, 
just wondering about being
and leaning
into living
receiving and giving
and if it is possible to meet others,
who are lovers
of life,
dancing soul jive
and grow into friends
without defense,
just there to enhance
this being in the now
and allow
a melting and merging of energies,
that pleads,
an aliveness,
which is rare
and some others do not even care,
but you are able to create and share,
this space,
in this grace,
with some other being
on being friends
not to pretend,
but to spend,
in deep inside comprehending,
the essential in the core
sailing the seas to other inner shore,
invisiable wired
caring and sharing
a mutual understanding,
offering a strength and courage,
which abridge
what really matters
and shatters,
all that was not meant
and with intent
there are ways opening up
and you stop 
worrying and clinging to fear,
which just stear
your inside wild and crazy,
making you  hazy.
Because you know by holding yourself back
and not allowing this to live
you will smack,
your beings core,
by holding back of this to explore
your essentials are pushing you to
and see what is true.
But when you finally surrender,
the defender
and fighter for control,
matters start to roll,
like they were meant to be
and see
if there are possibilities,
to ease
into unknown ground,
even it makes your heart pound,
and all seems as an overwhelming vast,
just let go
and go with the flow
and maybe life helps you to grow,
into being a friend
showing how time will be spend,
with another being,
freeing all your energy inside,
pulling it out of hide
and just surrender to the magic,
letting go of the tragic,
what could happen,
just being in the now
what life is giving you as a gift,
to uplift
your soul and heart,
creating somehow art
sharing space
with its own pace.
enhancing the essential
of each others potentials.
Sharing an openess on all levels,
that revels
every pore around your core,
celebrating living,
just an exchange of voluntarily receiving and giving
because you care
and are aware,
of what all this is
and creates this bliss,
being friends of the core,
to explore,
life again in a new dimension
creating an energetic tension.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin

 Pay attention to the three words under 'lifes' -

And letting go, 
just like that.
Saying thank you to all.
Saying thank you all that is coming.
Grateful saying good night.
I wish you a wonderful rest.

Smiles, Anke :)    

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