Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Love such a misunderstood matter - Wednesday poem

' Love such a misunderstood matter

Love such a misunderstood matter,
which creates flatter
in everybodies inside,
thinking you can own someones love and show it with pride,
but love will not be hold in guard,
it is always ready to grow in a sudden start,
when you meet another pulsating heart
and can create a wonder filled new art,
melting and merging with your soul
feel for the first time in your life whole
wondering what this expierence is
that gives you so much deep inside bliss
and puts your busy mind
in a kind,
and silent state,
that has nothing to do with faith,
but with deep inside wisdom,
showing a piece of freedom
that makes you awe,
searching for the flaw,
but not finding any,
instead find many,
of inside needs
which greets,
life with a new dimension
into an expansion,
which seems so vast
and is there to last,
to teach you deeper and deeper 
that this love is a keeper
and which is named as it
but do not fit,
to this unique and soul awakening warmth
that charms,
your whole being
for you to be seeing,
the first time in life
and dance with your soul jive
because you are so alive,
with every pore
deep inside the core,
something starting to grow
and will show
eventually all,
that enthral,
your attention,
in another dimension,
just being and seeing,
what life offers,
what life really means with the word lovers,
being in peace and at ease
with yourself, caring,
of what you have too much inside,
not be able to hold it back in hide,
but letting it pulsating out of your core,
to explore,
the world again,
dance in the rain,
knowing nothing is in vain
but given to you in the right time,
helping you to be in chime,
with lifes flow
and you just glow,
with warmth and light,
which sharing with others makes your moments bright
and finding others who live the same
you are aflame
of joy,
that can not be destroyed
because it was given by coincident
and you do not have the power to put it to an end
only life is in the lead,
pushing you to proceed,
to grow into this love,
that fits like a tailored glove,
giving you comfort and bliss,
how life is,
no matter what you face,
you will live it with grace
and stop the chase
for non-essential,
really living your potential,
of being alive
and let your soul dance jive,
because this love nutures the soul,
to  melt with your body and heart into a whole.'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin 

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