Friday, February 15, 2013

Plan change...

...good cute wild monkey down with fever....ey!, gearing up on vitamin c....don't know if it works, so plan change....well getting two monkeys ready for school...ey! May our day be carried in whatever we need to live fullfilled :)
Smiles, Anke :)
'Kettet euch nicht wie Sklaven an das Schoene. Doch kettet euch auch nicht an das Leiden. Alles ist im Wandel, beides vergeht.'
Sending smiles with the wind, may they create delight inside. Just because, i feel like sharing. Ey!

Well i got a lot done this morning, yep house tasks, now off to work! Enjoy your afternoon, love your nows, be in it fully. Ey!
Howdy from the evening. Just short: somehow do not feel like blogging today, no particular reason, just because i do not have the urge, plus i just feel like reading and listening to lion's king soundtrack. So, maybe see you for letting go. Ey! Smiles to you :) Enjoy your evening.
Ps: it amazes me every time again, how my soul knows exactly what i sometimes, being is holding soul back....yep those times of being pulled towards...why? I do not know......the courage is there, i had it before....maybe it has to do with a deep inside knowing, i just do not know aware, yet....who knows! Anyway, listening to this soundtrack is delight and reading too :) mmmhhh....sigh...cozy comfi.....catch for your soul :)
What i read? Paulo Coelho - Brida
Puh...yawn...TIRED, lol...grateful for a fullfilling being evening. So grateful letting go. Thank you heart, soul, body and being. Thank you life :) Smiles with the wind...just because. Ey
Good night.

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