Friday, February 01, 2013

Good night - letting go to grow.....

'Good night.
Letting go
to grow
into a flow
of falling asleep
to keep
my body in rest
to nest my being
in agreeing
of gaining energy again
to face the sun or rain
knowing nothing is in vain,
all joys are there
ready to share,
with you here reading,
in a space
full of grace,
to grow into your essentials
living your potentials.

Good night, 
letting go
in the winds flow
for this space between the heart and soul be clear 
no fear,
no joy,
no destroy,
no employ,
just empty and light,
no fight
just surrender
in the splendor,
of pleasant tiredness
showing me it is time to rest.

So letting go
in a glow
of  gratefulness,
what life did bless,
me with today
invited me to stay,
moment to moment,
not worrying about an end
but seeing where real living was spend
and what todays lesson meant.

So thank you soul, heart and being
for helping me leaning,
into life
fully alive
seeing beauty
and changing duty 
into sense making action
add fractions
into a whole
for my soul.

So good night
sleep tight,
let go of all,
to fall,
and meet with inspiring dreams
which beams
you into living fully
and not dully.
For in the morning to wake
and not ache
but to be fully charged,
to enlarge
your soul and hearts sky
to fly
not shy
but full blast brave
and smiling with what life gave
and is still giving
for your living.

Good night, 
letting go
to grow
and welcome all that is coming,
saying thank you in advance,
challenging or stunning,
but knowing it will enhance
your life
into 'dancing-jive'
with you whole being, 
for everbody to be seeing.' 

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin 2013

I wish you a wonderful rest. 

Smiles, Anke :)

PPS: When I use 'jive' in my poems I do not mean the substance! LOL.. 
I mean the dance! :))))
Wonder how many MISUNDERSTOOD ME, LOL.....sigh ;)
Hahahahaha...words can be tricky, LOL.....;)

Good night.

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