Monday, February 11, 2013

'Dear new book' - Monday poem

'Dear new book

Dear new book,
der new page,
maybe you get filled with sage,
or with drawing,
about matters which are awe-inspiring. 
So, dear blanc,
there is nothing to defend,
just pure living
moment to moment receiving
what life has to offer,
with a beauty,
that makes you forget duty,
just following the inspiration,
seeing all as a station,
of growing into being,
with these matters your heart and soul are agreeing
and spread your arms wide,
not to express pride
but ready to jump,
not to blunt,
your corner and edges,
but to strengthen your core
to explore
gaining courage and braveness,
to keep walking between the careless
and keep your aliveness,
while free falling in life,
relying on yourself
being your own elf,
to fulfill what you need
and not end in greed,
but take full responsibility,
for everybody to see,
you took a choice,
you have a voice,
to stand for yourself
cleaning off false
that landed on your shelf.
Welcoming all,
always ready to fall
and giving life fully trust,
knowing this is not a must
but a letting go
to stay in the flow,
surrendering when you start fighting,
following the lighting
of lifes signs,
stop the whine,
pick up the pulsating line
and live and give
and just be,
in which this state of mind, all is a part of glee.
Dear new book
let's create a nook,
for my soul, being and heart
and stand all the forces
which try to tear apart,
this state of mind,
which makes you kind
towards yourself and others,
even kindness is what other bothers, 
let those pages be a sacred space,
where the pace,
reaches a silence and calmness inside,
which is my guide.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin 

4 pages are filled with this already ;)

PS: Do you know why 'watching' little kids grow, is so fun and exciting or filled with joy?
with little kids it is just still so OBVIOUS and so much in a short time,
that you are really aware of all.
 But it does not matter if you are a little child or a grown up, 
every PROGRESS is worth this joy, 
So, what about those 'grown-ups', who make PROGRESS over a longer time, 
what about the JOY with them, for them?
They deserve this as well, this shared joy
and tonight I am sharing this JOY with all of you reading here, 

Because keep growing 'inside', when you are over 18 is a gift!
Keep this alive!
Because your soul and heart will be very grateful to you!
And helping you to live fullfilled, 
this is the only interest of a soul and heart
that you are learning to live fullfilled.
Not ego-filled.

SO, here is a huge smile for you, 
I am sharing this joy with you RIGHT NOW.
Keep going!
Even sometimes you feel like giving up, 
keep walking!
The sun and the rainbow will show up eventually, 
cheering you on!

Just had to release this!
Because watching someone 'grow' is wonder!
And I am very grateful I can expierence this all over in life.
Seeing others to expand and grow into their full possible potential.
Well, this comes with my profession yes!
I am there to help other to adapt better to life,
 to still live their potential in some sort of way out of the norm, when 'normal' ways are not possible.

Smiles to you, CATCH!

PPS: Reading, drinking tea, eating some chocolate, yep and wondering, 
maybe the purpose for some is just to create spaces for others to get the chance to grow.
This is not for granted, to find spaces like that, 
where you can grow.
Is this your purpose in life to create space for others to grow?
Or is your purpose to create spaces for others where acceptance can be experienced and learned?
PPs: Concerning this 'being-friendship', you have your life, I have my life, you live your life the way it fullfills you and me, mine how it fullfills me and still
can you imagine to create a space to meet and just enjoy the company of another being?
Because after all the 'circling and wondering' one thing is an essential:
I felt really comfortable in this space.

The essential is,
 I felt very comfortable in this space.
And isn't this all it matters. 
After all the sharings,
this is an essential.! 
And to expierence this in my life, 
to be able to, 
just makes me smile in gratefulness 
I got the chance.

So, could you imagine to create a space just for the sake of feeling comfortable?

Without going into details?
Just pure being essential needs?
Can you let go of all
and allow this?
Creating comfortable space for each other and just be?
It would be an experiment, yes,
it would be adventure in a different dimension, 
on a higher vibration, resonating, 
it is a case of 'trial' or 'not-knowing-ever',
mmhh...okay, unless, lifes takes over again, 
which I honestly do not know, LOL...smirk.....
some more 'wondering'
in between tea, chocolate and reading ;)
LOL....goofy me....eyeeyeyeyeyeyeye :)))))

Paulo Coelhos new book is 'essential-food' for the soul, heart and being :)))

PPS: And where do you find such 'comfortable' space,
  when not in friendships?
With both, wings and roots.
Well, I feel comfortable with myself  as well, yes.....smirk :)))    

And yes, everybody deserves spaces like this! 

And still...I have a sensing, the time is not ripe.
And that is okay with me.
Like I wrote I have my life I am living and I can live fullfilled no matter what.
Strong words, I know but with essential behind ;)
LOL...goofy me, EY!

'with abandon'
Are you ready or are you already with me on this journey, reading here?
WITH abandon diving deep into essential matters, 
growing together, 
even with distance in between?
Are you?
LIVING with abandon your life in a different dimension, 
concering LOVE and FREEDOM?
So, what is your soul saying?
What is your heart telling you?
What is your being pushing you to?
BEING in abandon?
ahhhhh those potentials....sigh!
I read in Paulo Coelhos new book on page 111 about this 
And YES!
SMIRK...all this sensing and insights 
hit the essentials!
SPEECHLESS, well, not really arent' I?
LOL.....oh my oh my oh my...dear life you ROCK!
THANK YOU for SHARING this with ME!

Okay, time to let go, almost forgot while reading, absorbed :))))

Okay, are you spreading your arms with me? 
Let's go.
Let's spread our arms wide,
close our eyes, 
taking a deep breath,
and just let all go, 
ask the wind to help, to clear the space between your heart and soul,
ask the wind to pick all up that landed on your palms.
Smile, send one to the wind, as a thank you.
Take a deep breath, 
feel the lightness, 
feel the emptyness. 
feel the joy of letting go.
Say thank you to your heart, soul, body and being. 
Say thank you to life.
Say thank you to all that is coming, 
welcoming all.
Ready to learn.
Open your eyes, 
YES - smiles meeting.
I wish you a wonderful rest.

Smiles, Anke :)

Good night. 

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