Thursday, February 28, 2013

Are you letting me know - Thursday poem

'Are you letting me know

Dear life, are you letting me know,
when it is time to flow,
into melting and being again
even in the pouring rain
are you next to me,
to be,
with me in moments
which are so enormous in energy
and are a guidance 
to agree,
of letting go all resistance
and show me why there was 
all the time this persistence,
to grow inside
out of hide,
into living out of my core
knowing the aliveness of every single ones of my pore,
ready to be and listen
utterly glisten
with your beings grace,
entering a new pace,
of time,
losing all and entering a chime
of hearts songs interacting
feeling the attraction
of gravitational vibe
ready to ride
a new surrounding path,
joining with another mass
an orbit route
on the same track throughout
being a balancing force
to stay in track
and create out of the magnetic pulling source,
this atmosphere of trust
knowing this is not a must,
but a need,
to nuture this seed,
inside of yourself
this wonder elf
which pulls you in, agreeing
a life in another dimension,
called expansion
of silenced Ego mind
into BEING kind
towards you and others,
letting go what smothers
and opening yourself up
to evolve into a matured grown-up,
deep inside connected
with life and trust
creating just,
out of your core,
to explore
living redefined,
newly designed,
the way your heart leads you
to your own truth,
that smooth
the rough waves of living,
creates a new way of giving,
utterly open and allowing
what you planted in your moments before,
while on explore
and with patience and aware choice,
you create a voice,
of living in joy and warmth,
that charms,
all coming close to this dent in space
allowing them to see your grace
and help them to stop the chase
for non-essential
and only go for their own potential,
their own net of trust,
by combining love and freedom
as an equal must,
for both to nuture
and create a future
being whole,
fly with your soul
and having a beating heart in joy,
to employ
 and stop ponder,
just being moment to moment
till you spend
all your lifes energy
in a fullfilled glee,
of pure aliveness,
which is pricless
and can only be lived
grateful accepting this gift.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin 

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