Monday, February 18, 2013

Dear LIFE - monday poem

' Dear Life

Dear Life pull me along,
surround me with your song
and show me the light,
as a guide,
what I need to live,
what I need to give
and what I need to let be,
because whatever you say or do
others do not want or can see.
Everything is in the eye of the beholder
and grows bolder,
by the viewers attitudes and beliefs,
not seeing how the other did all achieve,
just putting the judging stamp on, 
so this 'soul-heart-being-song'
of those 'rebels' do not tempt, 
to be pulled along
and face all kind of matters
which are not of flatters
for others around you,
when you face your inner truth
and the strong winds of not wanting you changed
and you feel like you outranged,
your ability to stay strong,
but then a sign comes along,
pulling you back into the song,
of lifes beauty
not duty 
and doing all with a deep sense of gratefulness,
leaving the mess,
 you can not sort
because it is not yours,
even some assures
you caused it,
by going new ways
and made not working matters burning in a blaze
and leaving the essential,
your real true potential,
untouched, unharmed
because they got their charm
by being creating out of the fires flames
and you are not able to play those games,
which would destroy your core. 
You are rather ready to explore,
new chapters of your life,
ready to rife,
your inside sky,
even when you need to cry
because it means letting go of some,
into what life is giving
you for your living,
and find your way 
to be okay,
when those you care,
do not share,
this all
and appall
what you are living
and giving
 how you are creating,
not baiting,
but pure being
that life is more,
than adore,
it is diving deep
and keep,
the wonders in your heart
as a start,
to grow more out of the seed,
for life to greet,
all you need
 and helps you growing,
melting inside parts together,
into a interwoven net,
knowing there will be always a sunset
and a rising again,
a zen ,
of your heart, soul, body and being
that all has a meaning,
you just need to be open,
floating lifes ocean,
being a water drop
of the vast
and know wherever you are
deep inside you are steadfast,
no matter how your past and future are
you are in par
 with the now
and allow,
whatever it offers
you open your arms
and surrender
to the splendor.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin

Just grateful to my ability to create.
Life gave me a key and i am using it.
And you?
What are your 'keys' to unlock YOUR unique POTENTIAL?

Our Greatest Fear —Marianne Williamson 

Time for bed, 
a very long day ends here.
Too tired to let go.
I know.
I wish you a wonderful evening.
Smiles to you, Anke :)

-> even too tired to do this. LOL....YEARN.....smirk.....smiles......seeing it this way, 
is filling my inside with warmth......spreading my arms and just let go.
Dear life catch me.
A somehow yearning......sigh.
PPS: Grateful I put in this little effort again, to check for the link of Pattis Inspiration.
Dear life thank you for teaching me the rhythm.
Go find yours, 
please do not use mine as a comparisment.
See it as an inspiration.
Get the strenght out of here amd the courage.
That is why I share,
to support all those who face 'misunderstood' - 'misinterpreted' - 'miscomprehended' - 'jugded'.

And remember I have been there too, doing all those things.
But life helped me learn to forgive myself and others.

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