Saturday, February 02, 2013

Of some you can not let go - poem no.2

'Of some you can not let go

Of some you can not let go, 
because they still help you grow
and 'being' in this state of grace,
stopping to race
in the speed of common living,
just pulling back into giving,
yourself this space,
to view all this chase
for matters
which seem of flatter
at first,
but those are the one who burst,
the soonest as they get put to the test
and you try to protest
but life will not give in
until you begin,
to find your true essential
and live those 'being-state-potential', 
moment to moment
making you bend
till you think you break
feeling all believes at stake
and when the pressure is to high
you just surrender and jump to fly
for the first time in life
deep into matters
which seem to shatter
all of you,
until you see this freedom giving blue,
of being how you are
being in par
with synchronity
for you to see,
what really matters for your being,
with your unique path of travel,
to unravel,
your own truth.
So, some you can not let go
because they still help you to grow
into being and this grace
which embrace,
all of you
with love,
like a dove,
lifting up
your vibrations
making life a celebration.'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin 2013

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