Sunday, January 27, 2013

When your soul found a friend - Sunday poem

'When your soul found a friend

When your soul found a friend
which you could comprehend
without words understand
and feeling the warmth
that charms
your own heart,
like being a part
feeling, sensing, comprehending
in this exact moment you share an understanding,
which suprises you good
knowing this is soul food.
Those connections
have their own attractions,
which are not easy to come across
and in case of a loss,
it trembles all over
because it was like finding a lucky clover
with four leafs
and loosing this, makes you grief.
And still deep inside you can comprehend,
that this was maybe meant,
to learn a lesson
and see those shared moments as a blessing, 
being grateful to what you had,
instead of being sad 
and because you still care
you send out once in a while a prayer,
wishing those well,
letting them dwell
for a little while in your beings' space,
feeling this grace,
they shared with you
and it makes you smile out of the blue.
Sending one of those smiles,
sometimes many miles
asking the wind to carry it along
and maybe those other souls will here your song, 
wishing well and still smile,
even it has been a while,
connecting moments happened
and it is somehow already a legend, 
in your heart and soul
but those moments stole,
away, all this pretend
no need to defend,
just being and seeing
what is there to share.
Thank you dear other soul
to show me how moments can feel whole.
And maybe this was the lesson
for me to see as a blessing
and create this by myself
learning to be my own moments elf, 
to feel whole
with my soul
wherever I go
let my moments grow.
And maybe some day 
we will meet again
in the suns ray,
in lifes own zen
life smiling with us in a show,
of a rainbow.
And if this is ever going to be,
depends on lifes alchemy,
using coincidences to emerge
in serendipity to be surge
just smiling comprehending
deep inside understanding
grateful to life
and it magically surprise!'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin 2013

Passenger: Let her go






SMIRK with the WIND!

SMILES :)))) 

 PS: It amazes me evertime, when something is coming up again and I allow it all, accept all and let it go, what emerges after in a poem form.

Yes, this poem emerged thanks to letting go of some matters again,
which came up while walking the last two days.
Life is for sure carrying me.

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