Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday poem - It all connects

'It all connects

It all connects
it all affects
it all respects
life is a connector
life is a reflector
life is here to show
how you can achieve a learning flow
to help you grow
into caring for yourself
being this elf
who creates this space
in your own pace
learning new
sticking 'used-to-prevent-situations' through
fo finally make the experience, aware:
'HEY! This is not a scare!'
as your system 
is insisting
you can see aware
that this is a way to care
for living fullfilled
and be able to pick up the beads life spilled
and choose strong willed
what you need to pick for textures and patterns
to create your unique lifes quilt
 and send away light latterns
in form of a smile
to stick with others for a while, 
making them wonder
why their heart and soul start to ponder
over life and what makes them drive
from moment to moment living
and maybe feeling this longing of giving
themselves what they really need
 and plead
in their surrounding
with their heart pounding
alive and brave
that they are ready to save
themselves from harm
and treat their own soul with charm
to maybe sometime soon
melt into a bloom
of their own being inside
resparking their own light
to care and share
compassionately acceptance
including the I and the YOU
and create a new presence
to be true. 
Being here in the now
and allow
all openly aware
to really sense and feel lifes beautiful flair
and spread your wings
to expand into the air
until your whole inside sings
this unique song of yours
that just pours
out of your core
and some roar
like a lion
showing its strength
and maybe connecting with others' wavelength
keep creating a new song
in which all together belong.

It all connects
It all affects
 It all respects
Life is a connector
Life is a reflector.'

-by Anke Martin 2013 

and under my copryright, of course, lol...goofy me :)))

PS from the early afternoon:


PPS from the afternoon:
SIGH. Did I mention that I LOVE Nature? LOL....goofy  me. 
Went to sled with two wild monkeys and my mom
EEEEHHHHHAaaaaaa...give me speed, give me horsepower 
(alias steepness of hill and good sled, LOL)
Today I learned to stear this 'seat-on-two-blades'.
Having fun. 
Fresh air even it was icy cold....warm packed, so much fun being outside. 

THANK YOU for BEING THERE when I need you, dear nature., how is your afternoon? 

Smile account?
Heart beating in joy?
Soul flying?
Piratess/pirate on adventure? 

So, more learning and refreshing.....see you around. 

PS from later: Really interesting.....did I mention that I love the language english?
LOL....oh my, I am such a goof-ball today.

Having some fun, anyway, you can say english is a passion of mine, LOL ;)))))

So, releasing photos of today soon, 
I am going to enjoy some 'music' tonight with my dad

Sharing the same interest ;)

LOL..or the same 'stimuli-seeking' of good classical music? 
Well, we tick a lot alike, I can tell you that, LOL......:))))) 
And this is the advantage of being a child.
You see both your parents attributes and can recognize them on yourself as well, 
and whatever you need to live, 
you had a 'role-model' or got shonw how to live certain 'ways' and 
pulling in the awareness, 
helps you to create intentionally your way of living.
Okay, you first need to 'make-peace' with certain attributes which annoy you,
 but you might be that way as well. 
So, the best for yourself is to just accept them as a part of you 
and from this acceptance you do not need to fight them anymore
plus when you accept them,
  you are aware of them and can choose
which 'attributes' you need/want to live.    

And since this 'pure-mirror-process',
  I was able to expierence in my life and
I can reflect myself more in my life.
Because I found my on 'core', 
I got to know my essential
and this gives me a calmness, 
a silence inside, 
out of which I live lately.

Accepting what is
and just create my life moment to moment.
Intentionally aware choosing what I need to live.

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