Saturday, January 05, 2013

Some, you can not let go - saturday poem

'Some, you can not let go

Some you can not let go
but it is not a holding onto
it is more like deeply touched inside
somehow not visiable but in hide
beneath the layer of skin
making you grin
from deep down in your core
making alive every pore
taking your inside adventurer to other shore
discovering new waters
using all as starters
to get guided by life
and stay in drive
through your living
and leave the cycle of missing
but knowing deep in you
it is true,
some are there
who really care
and you share
an invisiable bond
somehow fond,
just possible to sense
and combined with your intuition
your essentials
making you grow into your potentials, 
those, of which you would have never ever dreamed of
and it just made POFF!
into a new way of living
you open yourself to all receiving and giving
seeing what life has to offer
and turn into a real light lover.

So, some you can not let go
because it still helps you grow,
having this sensing
which is not fencing
but a wonderful being carried feeling inside
to help you fly wide
and let go of other matters
which are not of flatters
and free fall backward
without fear a 'crash' could hurt.
In real deep inside trust
that this letting go of control is a must
and just ask life and wind
keeping you from pinned
on things happening,
on saddening and maddening
and help you to stay non-attached
make you feel like just hatched
into a new living 
 resting and nesting
in your own safe sacred space
you only know where it is,
this place.

And some remind you
to stay true
who you are
like a bright shining star.

So, some you can not let go
because they still help you grow.'

- by Anke Martin 2013

In honor to those who help me grow

PS from in between vaccum cleaning: 'Performance needs to make sense!'
YEP! And my sense to learn?
To provide useful/helpful service from my side.
And this my opportunity to get on my own legs again, partly.

And this 'liberation' is for me right now, sense enough to go for all.
This is my sense,
going back to work and giving myself this 'independence',
feels very good.
I am able to, by myself.
Well, and learning to ask for support.
LOL.....which is necessary to learn ;)
With my highly sensitive sensing and this alone, rocks!
I learned about my system and work with it now. 
Because I can, I gained the skills over the last year.

Learning rocks!

So, does your performance have a sense?

Off to keep vaccum cleaning.

'In 20 Jahrne wirst Du Dich mehr aergern ueber die Dinge, 
die Du nicht getan hast, 
als ueber die, die Du getan hast.
Also wirf die Leinen und segle fort aus Deinem sicheren Hafen.
Fange den Wind in Deinen Segeln.

- Mark Twain

PS around lunch: 
How is your saturday so far ? 
Smile account?
Heart beating in joy?
Soul flying?
Piratess/pirate on adventure? 

PS after lunch:
This week I read already twice about life and that you can view it as complicated or you can view it as complex. 
Well, what should I say, a poke for me to realize,
I used to see my life as too complicated and 
it turned into complex. 
Because with 'complex' you keep your 'ability-to-act', your power to change ways
thinking your life is too 'complicated' you blockade yourself with thinking this.
You put the block in front of your road yourself, 
you shut yourself down, by saying your life is complicated. 
It is not, it is complex and complex is good. 
Complex is layers of layers of integrated matters into your being and that is how life is creating you, with you, giving yourself the opportunity, even matters are complex you can create out of this. 
And BEING plays a keyrole in this. 
How you view your life. 
Because when you are 'rooted-centered-anchored' inside of yourself, 
you are not anchored somewhere else on outside matters and 
you can spread your wings whenever you want and
JUMP into lifes twirled energies going with the flow/opportunities
to create new ways, 
even it is complex, 
you still will usually sense the essential in it and go for it. 

And knowing this, realizing this, 
what the difference is between complicated and complex 'viewing' your life, 
is huge 'perspective' change.
So, what is your life? 
Or complicated?

And I am so grateful that I can ask questions and get information out of first hand, 
because this is the most valuable information you can get.
Experiences others are willing to share to make a difference for others, 
so understanding or relating is possible.
Asking for help surely rocks! 

THANK YOU LIFE you are very good to me.

And thank you to all who are more than willing to share with me!
To help me learn, 
to help me get a 'feeling' into matter that is new for me
and I am more than willing to find out what matters and what not.

What is essential and what is not.

And creatively openly viewing it all from a distance and maybe connecting one thing with another finding ways to reach and create a space to learn and grow.

PS: Back from a long walk......felt nice.
Sigh....slowly downshifting.
All this new. YES. Time to downshift.
Some 'fast-making-me-calming-down-vibe' for me?

It would be nice.
Just like that, recharging......yes sometimes I still long for this 'sacred-space' once in a while
not created by myself.
Closing my eyes and just create it for myself.
How is your afternoon?

PPS: Dear blue sky and sun, where are you, it would be time for you to see again.
Just to soak in this day light alias sun.
  PPS from later: Sometimes just enduring 'inside-feelings' without resistance is the best.
And before you know it, it passed.
Still a challenge sometimes, not to resist.


lee said...

loved the poem and the pictures you are so creative

lee said...

loved the poem and the pictures you are so creative

Anke Martin said...

Thank you Lee, my outlet to balance my inside. LOL...and if I can share with you here, even better, smiles, Anke :)