Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday poem no. 2 - Dear NEW


Dear NEW in my life
you make me learn how to thrive,
in twirled energies, just jumping into the flow
seeing what I need to grow.

Dear NEW you challenged me good
until I understood,
all I need to know
to grow.

Dear NEW you pushed me out of comfort zone
making me alive till the bone
and center myself into the NOW
to plough between truth and pretend
to see how my moments  are spend
and change old routines
to make me expierence what this means
being stuck in automatism
and how limiting is my conventionalism. 

Dear NEW you helped me to cope with you
and stick awkward feeling through,
to learn that new is not a threat
but instead,
a wonder itself
and dispels
the fear
that might appear
keeping me on alert
and makes me want to desert, 
that there is no reason 
to be scared of lesion
but only open yourself all the way
and just surrender in the sway,
it is providing
and pull you out of hiding.

Dear NEW you trained me hard
not to tear apart
but to reconnect my soul with my heart
to expand,
and land,
on my inner island
meeting BEING for the first time
and show me real meaning of the lights' shine.

Dear NEW I am grateful for all
you became a dear pal
showing me potentials
fitting to my essentials
living from moment to moment
being a resonant
for lifes offers
and turn into a fullfilled state like lovers
but this time,
there is no need to whine
because you can rely
and reply
to your own needs
as it pleads,
those ones who are real and true
to you,
coming from your being
from your core speaking
helping you to see the essential
to help you growing into your potential
living fullfilled
and not Ego-willed
but surrender to your most wise teacher
turn into a learning creature
accepting life as your supportive and encouraging preacher
turn into your own leader
creating your ways of living aware
because you care
and declare for the whole world to see:

- by Anke Martin 2013

Smiles to you :))))

What are you declaring to the world?


Kimberley McGill said...

Blessings to you Anke! I am declaring that there is goodness in each and every one of us.

Everyday Things said...

wow what good writing and excellent rhyme! go you Anke!

Anke Martin said...

HI Kimberley! Agree, even some do not really want to live this. ;)

Smiles to you!

Smiles to you, Everyday Things :)))) Thank you :))))) I wish you a wonderful sunday :))))

Smiles, Anke :)