Friday, January 18, 2013

Living your essentials - Friday poem

'Living your essentials

Living your essentials
caring for your potentials
knowing who you are
being in par
with your cores' pace,
knowing how to create this space
you really need
and send out a greet
to life
understanding it is not about arrive
but to be utterly there, in every moment
seeing all as an encouragement
from life, for you, to grow
and join the flow
in which nature lives
and gives
all of its best
not compressed
but unfolding in front of your whole body
for you to study, 
the magic and the tragic
but not to attach and hatch those
but to see them,
read them,
and find the essential lesson
making your heart and soul incadescence
telling you, 
with emotions
what is true.
And with living out of your core
where those essentials are explored,
you learn what really matters
and what shatters
because it is not for your being,
it won't help you breathing
it won't help you easing
and therefore it is necessary to let go
for you to grow and show
your being and body respect
your strength and weakness
loose your freakiness, 
of fear, 
even when it starts to appear, 
you still can smile,
because you understand for a while,
whatever happens
it is a reflectance
for you to see
what is true.
So, living out, with and in your essentials
is helping you to grow more confidential
in life itself
and what a caring elf
this precious gift, called living is
creating your own inner bliss.
And that is what living is all about
to shout
out loud
your joy
not to annoy
but to really show how to enjoy
and employ
what life is providing you with
and not worry about unsolved matters like in a quiz,
but to enjoy the ride
and overwrite
old patterns of not doing you good
into real soul food
and warmth for the heart
for new living to start.
Called living and creating
out of your essential
curious awaiting
which is fitting with your potential
to live wide awake aware
because you real deep inside care.
And out of this living
this space giving
to others and with them together
to really find real treasure
called love
which is flying like a dove
freely around,
sometimes touching the ground,
to close someones wound
and respark their light
to gain strength to fight,
for their living
what they really deserve
and learn how to observe,
what is really going on
and what disturbs their unique inner song
to belong, 
and put up a 'NO!' for the first time,
stop the whine,
and learn how to shine,
in their divine being
everybody is carrying inside
and showing lifes pride, 
of what is created
all interrelated, 
emerged out of essential
and born into a unique potential
filling a space on earth
with fullfilled worth.
Grateful accepting and respecting
the gift we got
a plot that unfolds in our hearts and souls
until all false dissolves
and a melting in BEING happens
a reflectance of living out of your essentials
becoming existential.'

-Copyright and created by Anke Martin 2013


Kimberley McGill said...

Oh, Anke! Your enthusiasm is contagious!

And I want you to know the photo in this post is exquisite.

Anke Martin said...

Thank you, lol..take all you need for enthusiasm...smiles to you!!!!!And thank you for your wonder-ful comment about my photo :))))) Smiles, Anke :)