Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday poem - Rhythm of life


'Rhythm of life

There is a tone emerging from inside
vibrating with your souls' light
pulsating with every beat of your heart,
using all the inspirational impulses as a start
to expand in a rhythm,
sometimes even transmitting
in vibes which suround you
and others can sense what is true.
And when your core is whole
melted together out of your heart and soul, 
your beings' grace
take over in its own pace
to create your unique pulsating rhythm
and makes you listen
to other tones around
creating unique sound
which everybody carries inside
sometimes in hide, 
but when trust is there
maybe others will share
their unique emerging vibrating waves of sound
mixing with your own and make your pulse pound,
in joy,
not to destroy
but to create a new song
for both rhythms to belong.
And every time you meet
it is as well an inside song greet,
making you smile,
for a while,
even you go seperate ways again
this resonating will remain
deep inside going with lifes' flow
and next time you meet, to grow
into a beautiful playful interacting 
and not be able to detracting,
but to feel, this magic of expierencing rhythm attraction.'

- by Anke Martin 2013

Smiles to you, Anke :)))

PS: Kids movie night in between, the rest later ;)

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