Thursday, January 03, 2013

Dear intuition, dear highly sensitive sensing - thursday poem

Live your inner passion

'Dear intuition and highly sensitive sensing

Dear intuition
dear highly senstive sensing
you help me grow into making me feeling good decision,
not holding me small-dimensioned
seeing all that needs to be mentioned.

Dear intuition
you are more than a vision
you are very efficient
when trusted fully
and not get confused from Ego jury. 

Dear  highly sensitive sensing
you are not fencing
me anymore
because I found my core
and can handle too much input at once
and know how to bounce
back into normal level
able to revel
and able to find a way back to calm
recovering in my sacred realm.

Dear  intuition and highly sensitive sense
I do not need to put up anymore defense
because I am nesting
and resting
in my beings grace
ready to face
whatever crosses my way
to pull me along in a sway
of lifes twirled alive energies
and live out of minds peace
finding the ease
 that makes my heart beat in joy
and not destroy
that makes my soul fly high
into the blue wide sky.
Playful experimenting living, 
receiving and giving
moment to moment to its fully aware length
because there is the real strength.'

-by Anke Martin 2013

In honor to my beings grace. 

 I just found the time to read the quotes in the link I shared this morning. true!
And some make me smile, because I can so relate....LOL....dear other soul out there.
Are you smirking behind you screen?
A little bit?
A tiny bit?
A itsy-bitsy bit?

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