Friday, January 25, 2013

Creating lines - Friday poem

'Creating lines

Creating your own lines
on an invisable map
only by your heart and soul to be tracked
emerging designs
which aligns
maybe with others' tracks
and somehow effects
helps you to reflect,
the way you went,
the time you spend,
walking on the same track
sometimes come back,
or leaving it forever
and come back never.
And still, all those lines
you created,
is not to be crusaded,
yourself or others,
it is just for you to fill your need
and share expierences with one another.
And this sharing comes out of a caring,
out of a passion, for your ways, you go
and to grow,
into being who you are
being in par
with lifes flow
and throw
all the sparkles up into the air
to show this 'creating-lines' has its own flair. 
And only those who walk themselves,
know the difference between truth and false
and how life is pushing you and me to delve,
finding your own,
count and bound
like 3x4 is twelve
and knowing where is the ground
and where is the sky
having both in your eye
mirroring back an aliveness,
making you confess
this creating new lines
is sometimes a mess,
but when the clarity arrives
and the sun shines,
upon you
a vanishing fog,
you know, your life rocks!
And you grew so much
all was a touch,
that you are not willing to give this up anymore
even you drift away far from the shore,
you have this trust into yourself and life
there is no more strife
in your heart and soul,
you feel whole
and find new ways to create some more lines
to continue with your own designs,
of a life map,
to unwrap,
the possible potential
living in your essential.'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin 2013

Instead of photos of today.

I went on my walk without my camera.
Just enjoying nature for myself.


PS: And I am so grateful that LIFE was pushing me sometimes to WALK ways,
  I would have never ever went, without this PUSH out of my essentials!
Or sensing all kind of 'not-friendly-vibes' around me.
Going back, ways, knowing I would face tough matters and still show those who I care for, 
I am willing to walk those ways again.
Because 'showing-someone' it is okay what happened, is sometimes very important.
Because I know, how important it is to me, to understand.

PPS: And I have ONE way in mind, especially, which took a lot of courage to go back and show:
It is okay, I can understand.
Not saying it, but sharing a vibe.
And I sure hope this vibe reached and was understood, 
maybe not at first, 
maybe first, way after,
but I sure hope
it reached somehow this beautiful BEING,
that inspired mine to grow and come out of  the cave.      

And to those INSPIRING BEINGs I crossed path already in my life and they rocked my world!

THANK YOU! :))))

Keep rocking, LOL....goofy me ;)  

PPS: I will keep this potential for a friendship
which is not possible right now, 
maybe never, 
but this is a possibility,
 I was able to sense deep inside and I know, 
I can trust my intuition.
So, maybe someday this will be possible, 
or not.
And in between, the maybe or not? 
With or without.
My life is still rich,
it just would be another enriching part adding to my fullfilled living.
But do not get me wrong, 
 I do not depend on it, 
I can live fullfilled by myself.     


Spreading my arms, 
closing my eyes,
taking a deep breath,
feeling the wind coming closer,
allowing it to clear the space between my heart and soul, 
picking up all that landed on my palms.

GRATEFUL smiling to the wind.
My dear friend.

Taking a deep breath.
Saying thank you to my heart, soul and body.
Saying thank you to my being.
Saying thank to you life!
Saying thank you to all that is coming.

Bowing in front of life, 
with deep respect, 

Asking life to keep inspiring me.

Opening my eyes, 
sparkling alive,
sharing those sparkles with you, 

the possible place to share with those which is in real impossible.
LOL...goofy me.
I wish you a wonderful evening.
And a wonderful REST.

Good night.

Smiles, Anke :) 

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