Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sometimes you would like to scream out words - Tuesday poem

'Sometimes you just would like to scream out words

Sometimes you just would like to scream out words
because it hurts
when you get thrown at ,with others pain
that is in hide
and not being seen
by the one so keen, of throwing out,
not in a shout
but in those frustrated ways
that pays
so much attention
on others
to find what bothers
and just focus on them
so they can play this game 
of hide in the dark 
of their own pulsating vein,
trying to tell them to love,
step above,
all that happened years ago
and join again a joyous flow,
living and giving out of their own compassion
not paying attention to Ego ration 
of adding and subtracting 
what is happening, 
instead open themselves to be fed by wonder
life is providing, 
making your heart fonder
let yourself be guiding
by your souls thriving.
So, sometimes when you would like to scream out words
because it hurts
all I do, 
is seeing my true,
and dearly beings silence,
remembering this inner science
called inner alchemy
not a lot are able to live and see
and act towards yourself and others responsibly.
So, I just take a deep breath
and let it rest
not taking it personal
but seeing it as a signal
the other is not doing good
and maybe just needs to be understood.
So, letting it be
and not start a plea,
might free you both,
because you know
this awareness grows
only when you are understood,
and this should, would, could
of expectations
turning into frustrations
become aware,
as soon you start to really care,
for yourself
learning to be this elf
giving yourself care and love
to step above
the Ego's games
which blames, 
instead finding your own joy to be responsible
that it is possible
to create a life
which is ripe
to live fullfilled
and not in guilt, 
and build
your inside joy
all that life is giving
 for living.

So, sometimes when you would like to scream out loud words
because it hurts
look for the message behind
and be kind,
even it seems hard at first
but it will disperse,
all this fight potential,
out of hiding essential
not being aware
how to care
for oneself
being your own loving elf.
And maybe you can show by being kind
you do not mind
of the effect, 
as a way for them to find
their own peace of mind. '

- Created and Copyright by Anke Martin 2013

Good night. 
Letting go. 
Being grateful to all.
Saying thank you.
Saying thank you in advance.

I wish you a wonderful rest.

Smiles, Anke :)

And one child with fever.

Dear life give me strength!

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