Monday, January 21, 2013

Letting go - Monday poem

'Letting go

Letting go
so necessary to grow.

Letting go is one of my essentials,
to live in my growing potentials
learning new 
and find my own truth.

Letting go, a natural process,
that helps you to get rid of excess,
which would just overwhelm you,
feeling like wearing a heavy muddy shoe.

How you can let go, depends
how you can be friends,
with life and its natural flow
to show, 
what matters and what not
what is low and what is top, 
of your need hierarchy
and how willing you are to see
what needs to be let go
to stay,
in a healthy fullfilled way.

Letting go is not superficial,
it is super deep initial,
for your being to stay centered
and for this lightness to enter.

Letting go is not easy,
like it sounds,
sometimes it comes with feeling queazy
and makes your heart pound,
in pain,
but still knowing, this letting go is not in vain,
but for your own good,
keep setting one foot,
after each other,
one after another,
and with each step,
you prevent blocking
yourself from too much,
making it out of this self-created hutch,
in which you sorted happenings
judged pattern things,
and you just need, to let all of this go
to bust those boxes walls
until all falls,
and you are ready to glow
again in lightness,
and letting it be with this rightness.
Because being right or wrong do not matter,
they just shatter
all growing,
blowing away the openess
to confess,
life is not about wrong or right,
but only to see and follow the light,
your soul is attracted to
and shows you what is true.

So, letting go 
is for me an essential to grow
and this process is close connected
by walking in nature effected.
So, meeting the wide sky,
with my eye,
feeling the wind,
getting the hint,
to let go of all
and just be,
let myself fall,
into being nobody,
just putting one foot after another
uniting with the ground, feeling nature their for me, like a caring mother.
Giving me strength,
not to take revenge,
but to keep learning,
not earning points or a reward,
just for my own heart,
letting go
for my soul, 
and to keep my being whole
and not split by too many pits
due to holding on tight
and constant fight
out of fear
those things I hold onto, will disappear.

So, letting go is a different approach,
life is my coach.
It taught me how,
to go'POW-WOW!'
and just be an attender
of letting go in the flow
of life
being in a thrive
to expand in joy and love
being how I am, is enough.
Grateful empyting myself,
clearing off collected matters on my shelves
feeling the lightness and space,
that emerges in this grace
of being good to my soul and heart
by creating a start
to let go
in the winds blow.

Letting go is such an important part of my essential
using it intentional,
to stay open to all
and let myself enthral
by lifes mysterious ways
pulling me along, guiding me through a magic maze.'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin 2013

Instead of LOVE BEING in the MOMENT photos. 
Some 'pictures-in-words'. 

Smiles to you! 

Anke :)))

PS: Oh my! HUNGRY! 
Can't believe where the time went, while writing this poem ;)

PPS: So what did life teach me today?
That WALKING is a very important PART of my LETTING GO PROCESS.
And when I deprive from going for walks alone, it effects all.
I know now, why I had weird dreams the last couple nights 
and I did not have them for a long time.
This long week without walks, 
showed me clearly today,
And I am so grateful that there was a gap open, thanks to my MOM.

This enduring without, was lifes lesson.

And this shorter WALK TONIGHT, 
I did not know that WALKING can be SUCH A PLEASURE, 
like it was, lol.
Kind of sensual, LOL :))))))
Goofy me, but I really ENJOYED it all the way.

So, Letting go of my day, LOL...
yep again! 
No, of my day the first time.
Spreading my arms, 
closing my eyes, 
feeling the wind, 
allowing it to clear the space between my heart and soul, 
picking all up, that landed on my palms.

Grateful smiling to the wind.
Feeling the emptyness, the lightness inside.
A different quality of lightness tonight, LOL.

A 'sparkling-one'.
Saying thank you life.
Saying thank you to my body, heart, soul, being.
Saying thank you all the is coming.

Taking a deep breath.
Opening my eyes.
Sending some with the wind.
FOR you to CATCH!

SMILES :)))))))

Good night.
I wish you a wonderful rest.

Anke :)))

PS: Thanks you for being here!
Coming to my blog.


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