Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dear unknown - saturday poem

'Dear unknown

Dear unknown
you used to scare me till the bone
and I am so glad,
that instead
you became my friend,
which was your only intent
all those years before,
but my Ego did prevent,
 to see 
and live out of my core.
And thank you to my soul
which stole
away on Ego's attention,
helping me to focus on a different dimension
to view life
like dancing jive
feeling what being alive,
really means
and how letting go of fear, cleanse
every pore
and helping you drift away from safe shore,
going on your own adventures
taking ventures
because you know
this is essential to flow
and grow,
how life created you to be
and see what really matters
seeing life unfolding like delicious food on platters.

Dear unknown, each step
 without prep
or knowing what,
but utterly being in the moment and being a part
of the now to create into it
and not create a split,
between your moments and yourself,
instead delve
for the possibilities,
to increase,
your awareness,
not pondering about fairness,
just accepting what is presented to you
finding the truth
in the lesson life provided
and with stepping into the unknown, is highlighted.

So, dear unknown
you have me shown
that you are not my enemy,
but how to live inner alchemy,
transforming, creating, working with all
and not withdraw
from life and its challenges,
but to somehow find to balance it,
by surrendering and trusting deeply
and how dearly,
this feels fullfilling inside
and there is no more reason to hide
when you step into unknown waters
and see all as starters,
to create living
and giving, 
finally trusting your potentials
in your essentials
and life is helping you to find your way
and you feel deep inside, you will be okay,
whatever you face,
dealing with it in a beautiful grace
that is only possible to live out of your core
to explore
the galore,
life is offering every day,
to convey,
how beautiful living is
and enjoy the inner bliss
having the unknown as a friend
and not suspend,
yourself from all due to fear
and run away with tear, 
instead smile with your NOW
and allow
all happening
without prepping
step after step
just walking 
feeling the joy rocking,
your world
and jumping into the twirled
energies of life
enjoying being alive.

Dear unknown, thank you
for surprising me with my truth,
showing me what fits to my roots
and fulfills my being.'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin 2013

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