Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Poem: Dear inspiration I let go

'Dear inspiration I let go

Dear inspiration
I let go
keeping to grow
in the flow of life
dancing jive
for myself
being my own elf
creating magic
letting it be with tragic
stepping aware
with care
into  new
that fits to my truth
my potentials
my essentials
that is elegance of being
with intuition seeing
this needs to be learned
how to maintained
not gained
instead just choosing it fully to live
and give
myself the freedom to be
in the glee
of fullfilled being
into all
free fall
when it is time
stop the whine
who I am
let go of the ban
which was still there
preventing me to share
with care
in the fullest possible
yes, knowing it is not stoppable
this inner growing
it taught me a bowing
with the waves
in grace
finding beauty in the shades
knowing a true rainbow never fades
it enhances with every jumping
fully aware of possible bumping
into resistance, boom reactions and misunderstood affections
and still
there is this will
to fill my path with whatever I can share
out of care
being in my inner calmness and wideness
that creates out of mess bless
and finds the way 
back to the sway
into the rhythm of dancing
to employ
into my living
and giving.

Dear inspiration I let go
to grow
deeper and wider
to be a sailing glider
in the blue skies
and have those sparkles in my eyes
to live my potentials
which grow out of my essentials
life mirrored me
to see
and live now
new to enter
and create splendor
to be.
And maybe life will surprise me again
while being in the sun, shades and rain
with inspiration
that choose new creation
and go for it as well
found the well
to be alive
and dance heart, soul and body jive
singing along
the being song
deep inside
out of hide
to shine bright
being elegance
which enhance
the rainbow even more
nuturing the color out of the core
of being
to share space to be

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin 2014

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